finding a orthopedic surgeon

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    damon7714posted 7 years ago

    hi how would you find a orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine doc that he/she know what they are doing .I know a guy thats been through alot of surgeries and his ortho is not comfortable with doing the new surgery.the guy's ligaments need repaired and his hamstring,tendeon shortened during recovry on both legs he's been through 16 surgeries from a careless drive hitting him on his motorcycle 4 and half years ago. he was wondering if a doctor from anther state or from his area is capable of pulling the surgery off sucessful

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      h.a.borcichposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      It is difficult to find top docs, hopefully this will help.

        This link is the U S News Top Hospitals. Put in the info and see what hospital is up there in orthopedics. When you find the top hospitals you can get the bio's on the doctors.
        Even if a top doc seems out of reach, you can make contact via email or phone consult to see who they would reccommend. The top docs are aware of each other.
        This is how I found my drs. email me if you want. I have a few medical friends who are excellent researchers who could help.

        From experience I have learned most drs do not want to clean up anothers "mess". Chances are you will find this dr at a teaching hospital or university.
        If you have a dr in mind, you can also check them out on pubmed to see what they have made break throughs on snd areas of special interest.