I just want to share this one -- Healthy foods for specific age group

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    wildorangeflowerposted 7 years ago

    http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/09/24/he … tml?hpt=C2

    Any addition or thoughts about it, please feel free to add.

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      techygranposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      this is a great article!  I'm over 50 and am doing the Vitamin D and B12, but my husband also has us taking Full-Spectrum Enzymes with any 'cooked' or processed foods that are hard to digest (well, all cooked food).  Enzymes are what break down your food, allow you to digest it and convert it into nutrients.  Our own bodily enzymes become depleted from birth onwards, so at 50 we really will need to rely on enzyme supplements.  We're pretty much vegan (maybe the odd lapse for some yogurt or whatnot) so the stuff about eating a tin of fish, etc., just doesn't fly, but I like that there isn't any mention of gagging down beefsteak to get iron (used to be the recommendation lol).  Thanks for referring to this link...

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    Yuki92posted 7 years ago

    Vitamin D should be for all ages. Without vitamin D you cant absorb calcium. Which is ironic because that article states to get more calcium when you're bones are at their peak and take vitamin D at 50 when your bones are deteriorating.

    Vitamin D is IMO the most important vitamin. It protects you against all types of cancer, disease etc and helps calcium absorption as well as (from the article) aiding functionality for cells.

    However I don't agree on the recommended intake of vitamin D. They say 400 UI. I get roughly 2000UI every day. Some people get more.

    400UI is definitely not enough.

    I'm just a little disappointed that my intake relies on pills instead of the sun, but we're in fall and in vancouver it rains most of the time sad.