Foot patches

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    Breton Marieposted 9 years ago

    First, I'm from Britanny (France) & so excuse my english, might be a bit clumsy at times, but I think you'll get the message...Do foot patches work or not? Well, they don't even need to be sent to a lab to check them out: common sense prevails.. I explain: just get a bottle of the clearest purest mineral water (I'm sure it works with filtered water too) and pour it on one foot pad: it will then colour it in a black/dark brown "yoki" coulour, the very same as when you have applied it on the sole of your feet after one night (or 8 hours!)
    Some of the companies who sell that (almost all of them) clearly mention things like (quote): "After removal it becomes apparent how effective the patches are at eliminating toxins, as the patches change from a dry-yellowish white powder to a damp brownish-grey"... from one merchant (I mean one brand) or even "A good indicator is the color of the pads after use. Since the color of the pads becomes lighter after every use, application of Detox pads may be halted when the used pads no longer become discolored." from another brand I have tried! And it's part of nearly all of those merchant's advertising!!! So, does this mean pure mineral or filtered water that we drink and give to our babies is full of toxins? NO! I DO NOT THINK SO! THIS IS A BIG SCAM! WAKE UP! There also is a concern about the smell, don't want to say I'm sure about it, but it smells like tar (the one used for ropes on old boats). If this is a scam and some people are filling up their pockets with that (because foot pads are expensive), then be aware that what you put on your feet (you can also apply them to any other part of your body, but it's supposed to be more effective there) may be even dangerous for your health! It does'nt look good, and I'm left with quite a few of them, not knowing what to do with them, if anyone is interested, I'll sell them for 20 cents each! But if you're sensible, you'll avoid them... and tell others about that huge modern scam!