Assistede suicide... whats your view on it?

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    Sam Magriposted 8 years ago
    Some people think that every person has the right to die in their own manner at their own chosen time. Laws in the united states prohibit this, Their is much controversy going on right now. The death with dignity act was held in oregon in 1994. This was a movement that took place to fight for peoples rights of death. The goal was for the state of oregon to allow a doctor to assist a terminally ill patient with the medication or the right equipment to pass away. In sweden, prosecuters do not have a specific rule or law against assisted suicide. The person may be charged with manslaughter and may be put on death row. In the united states, assisted suicide is charged as homicide. Christian Sandsdalen was a physician charged with murder in 2000. He gave a women an overdose of morphine after she had been begging him for weeks. Finland does not have a penalty at all for assisted suicide, depending on how the prosecuters see it. If the person who assisted comes up to tell an official that they have assisted an ill person in dyeing, they will ussualy let them go and nothing else will happen. Sometimes the person will be charged with murder. The prosecuter will look at what was used and how it was used to kill the victim. The penalty for assisted suicide is not always a fair penalty because law enforcments may charge the person with murder, so instead of being charged with assisted suicide you would be charged with murder, therefore being put in prison or sometimes even on death row. People all over the world are fighting for their rights to die. Most people who fight for this are very ill and do not want to suffer any longer.Suicide has never been illegal under Scotland's laws. There is no Scots authority of whether it is criminal to help another to commit suicide, and this has never been tested in court. This issue has been tested around the world for decades now. People mainly focus on legal, religous, and moral conceptions. In religous terms, suicide means one man or women hating their god and therefore takes the life that they were given. The roman catholic religon looks at assisted suicide as a serious sin, just like murder. In certain countries their are only 15% of patients who have a life and death will or specific orders to have a medical physician take their lives with the proper use of drugs. Assisted suicide is classified on what the age of the patient, the illness of the patient, and the work environment and gender of the patient are. If the product that was used to kill the patient is looked at as a weapon, their can be very serious consequenses.A  study conducted in Australia, on end of life treatment reported results that those who are the most likely to oppose physician assisted death are older, western educated, catholic and female. This is proof that the gender and the historical outline of the patient are important factors of how the person feels about themselves. Velma Howard was an assisted living patients who was suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease. It was slowly and painfully taking her life away from her. She had worked as a school teacher and her husband was a marine in world was two. She had started considering assisted suicide. She read many books on it and began to want it more and more, this was a very emotional time for her family and friends. Her doctor finally decided to help her. He have her a cocktail of morphine and other drugs. Dr Kevorkian was a doctor born in may of 1928, he was also known as Dr Death, he got this name from his occupation as a doctor. He assisted people in commiting suicide. He assisted over forty five patients in death. He worked on machines. In 1989 he proposed an idea to the law officials to let him do medical experiments on the prisoners. The doctor was given ten through twenty five years of prison, he died in 2007. Their have been many major suicides all over the world that we here about all the time on the news. Dr Kevorkian was a major influence on the rights to die. Some people look at him as a hero and others look at him as a criminal. Mathew Donnelly loved life but he wanted to die. He was suffering from some very serious skin cancer. He had lost his nose, ears, part of his jaw, and his left hand. He pleaded to be put out of his pain. The doctors left him unanswered. One day mathew's brother harold was visiting him. He was unable to ignore mathew any longer. the next day he brought a .30 caliber pistol and shot mathew in the head. Harold was charged with murder. The united states takes suicide very seriously. This happened decades ago. Now we do have very evolved medication that can save many lives but some diseases and conditions for people are just to bad to stand for them. That is when they may think of death. Their are many websites supporting and disagreeing with assisted suicide. Some people say that a person has the right to end their life as long as they are not harming others, this is hard to do though because of the emotional impact on family members and close friends. Prescription drugs kill 300% more americans then illegal drugs do. Some doctors will mix certain drugs together to put a patient out of their misery. The reason most terminally ill patients request the tools for death from doctors is because doctors can easily get ahold of almost any medication that they want or need. A simple order can come to their office and be given to the victim. Their is more of a chance of being charged with murder if a weapon is used by a family member or friend. Even a simple mix of morphine and motrin can easily kill a person. Doctors can get their hands on medication much easier then the average person can. Another reason that people go to doctors is because they want to go peacefully. Most patients would rather have a couple of drugs given to them then a bullet in the head. Just like Mathew Donnelly. He wanted drugs to take his life but doctors would not listen, this is why his brother had to do the job with a gun. Many doctors are scared or worried about what the consequences would be if they assisted someone in death. If euthanasia becomes legal, many families may pressure their grandparents or parents to go through with it. Many people who suffer want to live their life to the fullest therefore they do not want to die. Many people still question Kevorkians styles of killing. Their are even some fan sites for him. I personally do no think that assisting someone in death is such a horrible thing to do, especially if the person is suffering and pleading for death. I think this should be legalized. Its not right to make a person suffer. If they want to be taken out of their misery, they should be put out of their misery. If this is legalized it will be for doctors only, not family or good friends, they will be charged for murder. The doctor would be given the correct supplies to do the job in a nice clean manner. Their would be no guns or other weapons. Would it be an act of mercy or an act of murder? The contrevery rages on just as it has done for years. Since this is not our countries most looked at problem it will not be solved for a while. People will be charged with murder every day if this goes on. Sometimes the physician will order the prescription and put it in the hands of the patient, therefore the doctor sometimes will not be charged with anything. The patient will give themselves the drugs and the doctor may lie or admit that he or she had ordered the drugs. Their are so many different ways that people assist in death. Physician assisted suicide (PAS) is not the same as assisted suiside. Assisted suicide is when a person kulls with a weapon or an over the counter medication. (PAS) is when the doctor gets the proper drugs to kill the patient. They are looked at as completely different things in coure. Assisted suicide will most likely be charged as murder. Most law officials look at assisted suicide as an excuse for a person to kill someone. If the doctor or physician is lucky they will get away with it. I do not think this should be looked at as a crime, sure it should be tried in court to make sure that it is not murder but if it is looked at as someone helping someone else kill themselves, the assistent should be let go. Often a terminally ill, suffering patient may require dosages of pain medication that impair respiration or have other effects that may hasten death. It is generally held by most professional court rooms, and supported in court decisions, that this is okay to do so long as the primary goal is to relieve suffering. The whole decision is based on what the court decides, guily of murder?, or guilty of nothing? Everything age size condition and sometimes even height determine how the death is looked at like. Many people argue that if PAS was legalized it would be used for abuse, certain people mat pressure suicide on others.

    1. dutchman1951 profile image59
      dutchman1951posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      The choice is personal and private, that persons choice- alone.
      It is not for States or Federal Goverments to decide. It is the persons choice alone, and nothing more should be said.

      No Insurance Co, No Church, No Pastor, President, State, Fed Gov., Hospital Administrator, Judge and Lawyer, or  neighbor, or stranger need interfear in it.

      1. profile image53
        Sam Magriposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Exactly. I agree with you 100%. People need to back off for once. It is not for politicians to decide. Thanks for the feedback.

    2. Cagsil profile image81
      Cagsilposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Welcome to HubPages! smile

      It might have been better if you had written a hub on the topic, instead of posting such a long post in a forum.

      However, I would have to agree with Dutch. It's a private matter.

  2. 2uesday profile image80
    2uesdayposted 8 years ago

    Sam if you are 13 years old as you say in your profile you need to be 18 to be on here if I remember correctly it is against the terms of service. Sorry nothing personal.


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