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Living with Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome

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    gobillsposted 6 years ago

    I was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse about 6 years ago, the Dr. told me is was not life threatening and other than the palpatations I should not have any problems. Boy was he wrong, it might not be life threatening but its definitely threatening to your life style. It all started a year ago, I began waking up at night with panic attacks, it happened for weeks until I could not sleep at all, I was going on 72 hrs without any sleep and then I started shaking and could not stop. My Mother became so concerned she rushed me to the ER, of course they said it was stress and sent me home with Xanax. The next day I was so bad I begged to go back to the ER. Again, the Dr. chuckled and said I would have to learn to live with it, my Mother went off on the Dr. and he agreed to admitt me to moniter me. That night was horrible, by then the lack of sleep had taken its toll on me. Finally they sent a psychiatrist to evaluate me, I guess she thought I was crazy since she sent me home with all kinds of antidepressants and more xanax. Things did not improve, I missed work for 2 weeks. The feelings I experienced were awful; I cant even begin to explain them. I was at the point I could not leave my house (which is not good since I am married and a mother of 2 kids). Finally, my Mother called and made an appointment with another psychiatrist, it took all I could to go to my appointment, of course they were vey nice and the counsler I had suffered with panic attacks also, so she new a little how I felt. The Dr. said I was on the wrong meds and changed everything, I was put on Remeron, vistral and klonopin. Let me say that I dont remember much about the next few days since I slept the sleep of the dead (which felt good), but the medicine head did not, I was cut back on the meds and things started to slowly improve. Although I still did not feel like my old self I was able to go back to work. The panic attacks went form 10 to 15 a day to 2 or 3 a day and I was sleeping better at night. After 6 months I started having side effects from the Remeron, I gained 12lbs and my legs starting swelling, so the Dr. switched me to Zoloft and the panic attacks got much worse. This time the Dr. said this should not be happening and asked me a little more about my past health history, he asked me if I had ever been diagnosed with Mitral Valve, of course I said yes. I never seen a Dr. dance but he jumped out of his chair and jumped around like he had struck gold (you have to meet this Dr. he is wonderfully differently). He weened me off the antidepressant and put me on Toproyl (a beta-blocker)and over the next 6 weeks I started feeling like my old self and the panic attacks went away. I wont say that I am 100% but compared to 1 year ago I am atleast living again. Since then I have obtained many books on MVPS and have learned to alter my diet and start exercising. Today I know that I have to learn to live with it and do the best I can. Has anybody experienced anything similar? I forgot to mention that I am 42 years old and during all this time I found out that I am in perimenopause, which is probably what caused the MVPS to get so much worse.

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    paradigmsearchposted 6 years ago

    I’m starting to wonder about these kinds of opening posts…

    Brand new user with these kinds of posts is happening more and more.

    I’m beginning to wonder if:

    A.    Phishing for vulnerable people.

    B.    Various research projects.

    C.    Etc.

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      gobillsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      What is your problem???????????????? I shared a very life altering story and this is how you respond?????????? If you dont have anything good to say then SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    mike859posted 6 years ago

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      gobillsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank  you.