Why is your Government Poisoning You?

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    sannyasinmanposted 6 years ago
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      fit2dayposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I don't know fluoride has been pushed as something to prevent tooth decay. Many people even take supplements for it, but it actually causes those little spots to appear on teeth over time and worst of all is the havoc it causes on the rest of the body. In some cities there is no fluoride in the water, because many knowledgeable citizens have stood up against it.

      Fluoride is very difficult to remove from water and a package of the stuff has a toxicity warning and even though there's not a huge load of it in our water, we drink so much of it. Rat poison is only 5% poison, but rats eat so much of it, not to say people are going to start falling dead after drinking water, but over time it causes problems in the body.