Can I find free dental help??

  1. jamesev23 profile image50
    jamesev23posted 6 years ago

    Everywhere I look when asking for dental help, I get the same story, "you need insurance, or "for a small fee", some of us in this economic stricken world are really economically stricken, it's a shame we can't get something free for the love of doing something we love, helping each other. Just once I'd like to find a dentist who loves his job in the San Diego area that would help his fellow man, not by charging him an arm and a leg but even to practice a little. Yes, I've tried the dental schools too. FREE, you get the word"FREE"... Is there a god who hears my plea???? God bless you in advance....

    1. Freegoldman profile image38
      Freegoldmanposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Get Free Dental is dedicated to providing excellect
      information on getting free or low cost dental work,
      focusing on the needs and concerns of all ages and
      incomes. We have gone to great lengths to help the
      low and average income people find alternatives to the
      high prices of today's dentistry.

      This web site is filled with information. There is sure to be
      something here for everyone! You may also find many useful
      resources and tips to treat common dental problems and maintain
      a good state of dental health.