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    The god who made Kerala, according to a popular Malayali saying, had a green thumb. Indeed, India's most verdant state rated by National Geographic Traveler as one of the world's 50 must-see destinations is a paradisiacal landscape of palm-lined beaches, steamy jungles, plantation-covered hills, and tropical rivers and lakes. Visitors come here primarily to unwind and indulge; this is, after all, where succumbing to a therapeutic Ayurvedic massage is as mandatory as idling away an afternoon aboard a slowly drifting kettuvallam, or sipping coconut water under a tropical sun before taking in a wonderfully ritualized Kath kali dance. Eastward, the spice-scented Cardamom Hills and wild elephants of Periyar beckon, while a short flight west takes you to the little-known but sublime tropical reefs of the Lakshadweep islands. All of which make Kerala not just a must-see on your India itinerary, but a major destination in its own right. gives you rich experience of viewing the health care facilities in kerala. has a presentation about ayurveda, its treatment procedures and hospitals, Kerala Health Tourism, Tourism Kerala, Health Tourism Kerala

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    good to hear about kerala.

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      Yeah it is!

      Although its puzzling to me.