Week cleanse

  1. caro cou profile image68
    caro couposted 6 years ago

    Sacred heart cleanse: i decided to Challenge myself by completing a cleanse this week. My motives? The holidays are always a good timw to pick up bad eating habits. I mean after all- its the holidays! If there was ever a time to be bad its now- and of course: on weekends, you're birthday, a friend's birthday, you've had a bad day, a bad week, your period etc...And so forth... There's always a reason to eat uncontrollably ( I find winter the worst- my body tends to fight off any attempts to shed the extra layer of warmth)! Regardless of the excuses I felt compelled this time around to just do it! My cleanse of choice: the sacred heart cleanse. This is a variation on the cabbage soup diet. I decided to pick this one for a few reasons: (a) I love soup!
    (b) You can still eat solids. Different days allow for treats. For a beginner cleanse this is important I feel.
    (c) My friend just handed me the recipe and directions. Easy breezy!
    (d) Its cheap- unlike the wild rose or isogenix which require you to purchase supplements/shakes.. Oh yea which reminds me another reason for starting this cleanse- the holidays emptied my pockets! When I looked at what was left for my two week budget- $100 for food. So, basically I can feel good, detox and stay on budget. I will likely want to hibernate during this period- avoiding rich food- so I'll save money that way as well! Please stay posted for my personal experience with this cleanse. I will also attach a copy of the recipe with instructions.