Fitness is the key to success

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    MG18posted 5 years ago

    When we look better, we feel better, and we have more confidence.  The more someone workouts the more they feel about their life.  Thus the more they will accomplish and the more they will succeeded.

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      klarawieckposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I agree that exercise is important. But having confidence doesn't necessarily mean that you're as great as you think you are. I've seen pretty buffed, good-looking men who think they're the hottest tamale in the pot, and when you start talking to them . . . well, let's just say they didn't approach books or their education with the same kind of enthusiasm.

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    Gregoryyposted 5 years ago

    I am a very fit person that works out a lot.  Fitness is not the key to success. They key to success is having knowledge, acting on it, and continuing to act on that knowledge.  They key to success is also in your relationships and networking with other people. Another key is how well you manage people, and can persuade people. Good looks have multiple components as well such as Style, Posture, Skin Tone, Skin Glow, and even Smell, and Personality can play a role in someones appearance. Someone who works out, and does not do other things to take care of themselves may not be that attractive.

    Confidence often comes from a sense of self worth that you are needed in the world,that you are important, that you are better than most at something,that you have more of something than most.

    Just because you have great muscle tone, have a slim waistline and are in good shape does not mean that you will be a success. People who are sucsesful are often creative,innovative, resorucefull, they are dedicated, persistent, good with people, and take action. You can be obese and still be sucsesfull.

    Being in great shape  makes life more fun, and easier. I work out a good amount and I know that I am physically stronger then the average person, and am in better shape than the average person. That does increase my confidence, as it means I am better at something than the average person. When you are in shape you also may get more compliments as 2/3 (most) people are either overweight or obese. When you are in shape you do not have to count calories as much as your metabolism is faster, and you are not in a rush to loose weight just to look good in a bikini. More benefits are better fertility,less stress, better hormonal profile, more energy, and an easier time getting to sleep. When you are in good shape you can better help people carry their grocery's, help someone chase down their kid, walk longer distances without getting tired, and perform at a high level during pick up sporting events,  Health is the greatest wealth.

    However do not base success on someones level of fitness. Even though I like to work out. I spend even more time reading, and attempting to develop the mind as it is paramount. The mind pushes you in your workouts, gives you more knowledge on how to workout, and the mind helps you through life as well. I have Aspergers Syndrome which is a mild form of autism so I attempt to cope with it by reading books and articles on developing social and people skills. Which are vital if I want to obtain leadership in the fields which I may work in. I take a strong interest in health sciences as well. I am joining the Air Force, and I plan on working in Network Management, or Civil Engineering which requires science, mathematics, and people skills if you want to be in a higher position.

    The key to success is knowledge, taking action on what you know, and continuing to do what you know. The majority of your power is located in your brain. The strongest computer is your brain.  For every hour you work out, you must read for at least 3 more hours.