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The complete fruit diet plan

Updated on July 31, 2012
You can choose from lots of fruits during the fruit diet!
You can choose from lots of fruits during the fruit diet!

What is the fruit diet?

The fruit diet is a diet, by which as the name suggests, lots of fruit may be eaten. The fruit diet is suitable for people who love sweet and sugar.

Because you can eat as much fruit as you like, you won’t be affected by hunger. There is also enough variation of different kinds of fruit, making the fruit diet not boring at all.

Where should you pay attention to during this diet?

If you are going to try this diet, you should pay attention to several things.

For example, you must ensure that the fruits are fresh and ripe. It is better to cut the fruit until ready for use, otherwise it will become brown. If you like dried fruit, soften it by putting it into water for a while, otherwise it will be difficult to digest.

With the fruit diet you will lose much weight quickly. However, after two weeks, this will be somewhat less, because in the beginning you will mainly lose excessive moisture. Still you’ll be losing 100 grams of fat a day. Besides the loss of weight, the skin will look much fresher.

Important rules during the fruit diet

It is important that you take enough fluids during the fruit diet. Use preferably for example two liters a day of mineral water or tea.

Do not eat proteins during the fruit diet, this will disrupt the digestion of the fruit.

The fruit diet plan

You could follow the fruit diet for seven days, after which you can start again.

If during the fruit diet, you eat anything else then shown in the diagram, immediately turn back to day 1 of the plan.

Day 1

Divided over this day, you may eat two pineapples or two kilos of strawberries. Drink also at least two litres of mineral water or tea.

Day 2

Divided over the day, you may eat a pineapple, three kiwis and 300 grams of strawberries. When hungry, you may add two pears.

Dried fruits!
Dried fruits!

Day 3

Take a papaya for breakfast and 100 grams of dried fruits like apricots or figs. For lunch you may eat three kiwis with an orange, an apple and a pear. Take for dinner ten fresh apricots or three peaches.

Day 4

On this day, you may have two mangoes, two peaches, one kilo of grapes and a banana.

Day 5

Throughout the day you can eat watermelon with a maximum of three kilos.

Day 6

Take two glasses of orange juice for breakfast, and divided over the day a pineapple, a papaya and a mango.

A lovely fruit salad!
A lovely fruit salad!

Day 7

The final day of the fruit diet. The schedule is far easier to maintain and will remain so.

Eat three kiwis and 100 grams of dried fruit for breakfast.

Make during lunchtime a fruit salad of pineapples, pears, apples and nectarines, completed with cherries or strawberries. This salad should have a maximum of one and a half kilos.


If you have lost enough weight, you could begin eating other foods. You might have yogurt for breakfast and take some lean meats with vegetables for dinner.

If you still want to lose weight you could follow the fruit diet for another week. However, longer than three weeks is not recommended.

So make a healthy choice, and choose fruit to lose weight. If this method doesn’t suit you, then have a look at the Power Slim Diet!


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      Nectar 4 years ago

      How much weight should you lose?

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      I like it, it's good way to lose weigt

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      How many Kg will you lose ?

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