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Full Body Pillow & Pregnancy Pilliows Are Ideal to Help You Sleep When You Suffer Back Pain

Updated on October 19, 2013

A comfortable nights sleep with a full body pillow

Find out how I get a great nights sleep with my Back Pain, with my full body pillow, I first got when I had trouble sleeping during pregnancy. Do you find it difficult to get a good nights sleep? Are you tired of being tired...They are many reasons that keep you from having a good nights sleep and being comfortable in your bed. Pain, pregnancy, medication, and just unable to get comfortable are some of the causes of a poor nights sleep.

Have you went out and bought an expensive bed, and mattress only to find that the problem is still there, or you may be relying on medication to get you a good nights sleep, and this does not help. Looking for an alternative way to help aid that longed for restful sleep. Have you ever thought about a Full body Memory Pillow?

Full Body Pillows

This helps you arrange your pillows to get a comfy nights sleep, the natural line of your body is supported, it stops you rolling over and keeps you in one place, and stops you moving in your sleep, which then disturbs you and wakening you up. I originally bought this when I was pregnant, but due to pesistant back pain, this has been brought back to help me get a goo nights sleep. My husband has also used it from time to time, when he has had back pain too.

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So tired

No Sleep

Four years ago I was involved in a serious accident at my workplace. This resulted in injury to my neck and lower back. The term used now is Chronic Pain, as it has lasted more than 6 months. However I do have three slipped discs in my neck, and two in my lower spin, both places in-operable, simply put, too dangerous.

Living everyday with pain not only affects your physical abilities but also your emotional capacity to cope even with day to day activities, you have to completely change how you go about your day to day life.

If you were an active person this is the hard part, re-adjusting to life with a disability.

The effort of physical excersion leaves me tired, and the emotional strain leaves me exhausted, the lack of sleep drives me mad, so now they have diagnosed Chronic Fatigue.

Fatigue is a directive from pain, and it is a reaction of your brain telling your body to slow down, even everyday household chores become monsterous tasks. These tasks drain you of your resources, causing more tiredness and amplifying your pain.

Medication also has a part to play in the fatigue, and a person who has feelings of stress, depression, boredom, worry, or unhappiness can be sources of exhausted energy.

So when you go to your bed you are wanting to get a good comfortable nights sleep, or at least be able to rest sufficentl, to be able to wake up nice and refreshed, so you will be able to cope with what life brings the next day.

But due to the pain that you suffer, the tossing and turning can cause a disturbed nights sleep, unable to get comfortable to get to sleep so your brain goes into over drive. But regardless of the cause of Chronic Fatigue it has a major impact on your daily life. Depression is something that creeps up on you, bringing a dullness to your life. So then they decide i meet the Criteria for a Major Depressive Episode.

And so the vicious cycle continues.


More Medication?

makes you even more tired the next day

When I was offered more medication to help me sleep, it was getting ridiculous. How many tablets I had to take in a day? My problem of waking up in the night, sore and in pain had taken their toll on me. I just wanted a nights sleep, or I would settle for a rest, but you are constantly up, down, in and out of your bed. It is like a form of torture.

So I was soon taking sleeping tablets. I hated them, I was possibly only getting 4 hours sleep (which was better than none) but the side effects were awful, So the Doctor gave me stronger ones, after a while the bosy become used to them and they are not as helpful, I could hardly focus even on starting my day.

I had a full body pillow whilst I was pregnant, the pregnancy came and went and I though nothing more about it. Until someone mentioned the Full body pillow I had used when Pregnant

William Wordsworth Once Said

" A flock of sheep that leisurely pass by One after one; the sound of rain, and bees Murmuring; the fall of rivers, winds and seas, Smooth fields, white sheets of water, and pure sky - I've thought of all by turns, and still I lie Sleepless...

A restful nights sleep


I already had 3 pillows, one a memory and a

Vshaped pillow, so one more was not going to hurt me, my poor hubby might not be so happy, but he is already disappeared into the bed of pillows.

I sleep on my side so with the injured discs being in my cerviacal spine (right at the base of my skull), this is not the most favourable position for me, as I permanantely have a sore neck, and have to be very careful how I move it, at times using a neck brace, sleeping on my side just aggrevates it, even though I start out on my back surrounded by padding to stop me rolling over, I still end up on my side and wake up in pain.

My mother-in-law had even bought me a beautiful, soft to touch pillowcase in a similar colour to match my bedroom. So I slipped it on and popped it into bed.

Because of the damaged discs at the base of my spine would normallt have a pillow between my thighs, but I end up kicking it out of the bed as it ends up it is more of a nuisance than a help, although the benefit of that support for my pelvis is great.

The pillow was so huggable and soft, like feather down, but held its shape like the memory foam.

I awoke in the morning, and could not believe I was still in the same position with the body pillow I had fallen back asleep in.

More importantly I had slept on my side, okay I had woken in the night, but the big difference was for the first time in a long time I felt rested, not worse.

A phone from my husband confirmed that not only had I slept, but for a long long time my husband had at least had a descent sleep.

Now whenever I lay down for a rest, I always use the pillow. It has enabled me to feel more comfortable, and less anxious about moving suddenly and causing pain.

Product Features

* Molds to your body's sleeping position for ultimate comfort

* Supports every bone, muscle and curve to relieve pain in the back and other pressure points

* Distributes weight and pressure to maintain spinal alignment

* Hypoallergenic

* Visco-elastic memory foam; 50 x 14 x 11 inches

Full body Pillows.... - to suit your needs

If it is just your neck that is sore then there is a great curved pillow, especially ideal if you like sleeping on your side, as it gives support at your back to stop you rolling over.

What makes a great night sleep for you

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    • canhealth profile image

      canhealth 4 years ago

      Sleeping with the pillow tucked between my knees gives me extra comfort.

    • profile image

      RuralFloridaLiving 5 years ago

      I sleep on a body pillow. It really helps me sleep well.

    • ajgodinho profile image

      Anthony Godinho 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      A lot of us take a good night's sleep for granted. I'm fortunate to be one of those who gets a good night's rest most of the time. Glad to see you have found some sort of help with the full-body pillow. **Blessed by a Squid-Angel**

    • Board-Game-Brooke profile image

      C A Chancellor 7 years ago from US/TN

      Body pillows are great for the back! I've been using them for years. I don't have a memory foam one, though -- just a regular one. I'll have to look at these when my current pillow wears out.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I bought my wife one so that I could get some rest. It certainly helped me out.

    • Tagsforkids profile image

      Tagsforkids 7 years ago

      As one that suffers from back pain, I do indeed use a body pillow and it is a help. unfortunately not enough to get a full night's sleep, but I'll take any help I can get.

      On the plus side, I've spent many a sleepless night working on Squidoo stuff, so maybe there is at least a bright side! :)

    • jptanabe profile image

      Jennifer P Tanabe 7 years ago from Red Hook, NY

      Actually I never knew there were full body pillows! Glad it really worked for you. Some day I'll try one.

    • I-sparkle profile image

      I-sparkle 7 years ago

      Great product, Lisa. I'll help get the word out!

    • RaintreeAnnie profile image

      RaintreeAnnie 7 years ago from UK

      Found your Body pillow lens! Thank you for your comments on my Sleep and back pain lens. I will lensroll this lens to it. I agree body pillows are great and certainly useful to try if you are in pain. Can save a lot of messing around with trying lots of other pillow combinations too. Pain can have huge effects on us physically and emotionally and good Sleep is so important to rest and heal. So glad yours has helped you.

    • Pete D profile image

      Pete D 7 years ago

      Nice lens. A good pillow is very important for a good night sleep!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I would dearly love one of these pillows. Guess I should put that on my Squidoo Wish List lens too, along with lots of other things I want.

    • girlfriendfactory profile image

      girlfriendfactory 7 years ago

      I love my body pillow ~ I've slept with one for about 20 years now, due to a car accident from when I was nineteen. The therapist who worked on my back suggested it, so after I moved to California, I went ahead and bought one...I've been hooked ever since. The one I have now is about due to be replaced, so I will have to check out the one you use! :) Great presentation