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Ginger Cured My Joint Pains

Updated on January 17, 2017

Ginger people Ginger juice

Some information from this article is based on my personal experience and derived from research studies on ginger . This medicinal herb is the seasoning in most cuisines and kitchen, I can say emphatically ginger surely gives life because I have tested it. Naturally, it's our heart desire to be completely free of pain, nobody likes it. Since ''health is wealth'' I'm going to give out a simple tip on how I cured arthritis and rheumatism caused by inflammation in the muscles. It's common among older men and women who suffer from it daily. I never like drugs and care must be taken not to use these medicines often to treat joint pains.

My parents used natural alternative medicine to cure our ailments from childhood. Well, I'm not totally against medication but I think we need to change our mindset about natural alternative medicine. photo

Ginger Benefits and recipes

Science and research studies on alternative therapy concluded in their report that ginger can kill cancer cells, cut back expelling pain, stop diabetes disease and nephropathy. It is a natural pain killer and antibiotic without any adverse side effects.

According to scientists, as we get older, there is a degeneration or wear and tear within the human joints because our bone mass reduce and start to suffer from osteoporosis. It's proven that for real flexibility in our bones their should be enough lubricator in our joints to keep it movable and free from pain. Once our healthy cartilage degenerates stiffness and pain could follow.

Almost every one of us can get a touch of joint pain. Most of the pains begin without giving us any warning sign. The pain on my knees started in my early thirties because of overuse by walking long distances daily,walking is my hobby. I also attribute the pain to the constant fall I encountered whenever I hit my feet on hard stones which causes muscle pain and sprain.

When the pain is severe I use my home therapy such as hot water to heat my knees and alternative times I have a hot foot bath to suppress the pain.

Most time when attacked by incessant coughing,cold and sore throat caused by bacterial infection, taking cough syrups of different kind repetitively never cured the pain I went through. The problem persisted and the syrups further made me drowsy, weak and uncomfortable. Thanks to my mother, she came to my aid by giving me some fresh ginger to chew with warm water to top it. Honestly, the result was amazing, my throat felt eased. I was encouraged to chew more of this fresh ginger daily since it brought much relief to my system. I'd never heard of natural ginger juice but my mind instructed me on how to make my own ginger juice. I believe our mind is programmed to find solution to any breakdown in our human system.

How I make my natural fresh ginger juice


Raw and fresh ginger ( you choose the quantity you need)

Cold or hot water

Peel the ginger and wash completely with clean water. Next, grind it in a blender with boiled or cold water added to it. No sugar or preservative is added, it's strictly fresh. Pour the ginger juice in a 1.5 litre bottle. The not grinned part of the ginger which is the lumps mustn't be discarded, add it to the ginger juice.

I don't measure the quantity to drink. I drink the maximum amount I need because I enjoy it. I also drink my home-made natural ginger juice whenever I feel feverish and in two hours my body temperature is normal.

Initially my fresh ginger juice tasted bitter, I didn't stop drinking it daily. My body felt healthier and my knee joints became flexible. It additionally aroused the emptying of my stomach without any side effects.

However, there is the temptation to ice it. This isn't the best because definitely it has adverse effect on your bones. You may not feel it now but gradually drinking excessive amount of cold water will in the long run make the human bone brittle. Fresh ginger juice should be consumed in one day if not iced in a fridge. Why? It looses its freshness!

Well, I have tried ginger and do believe that the prove of the pudding is in the eating. Ginger truly is a miracle herb that reduces the injury done to the human system and makes you more active and alert. I'm happy that I haven't taken any medication for the past five years. I attribute this not solely to my miracle ginger drink but also to the awesome creator of the universe- GOD.

Research studies do show that there's medicine in ginger. Areas that ginger has been shown to profit health are the hair, destruction of ovarian cancer and cough. Ginger juice is for cold. This ginger juice provides my body with anti-oxidants that keep my immune system boosted.


Ginger roots

Now you found the solution, remember the importance of ginger roots coupled with exercise. The two in conjunction will strengthen and firm the muscles surrounding knee joints. Practice makes perfect and I believe consistent application will erode the pain.

Never give up and never give in during phases of challenges. I have learned the lesson and I feel contented whenever I persevere and overcome. Pain is not our ally but note that 'no pain no gain.'

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    • GypsyOwl profile image

      Deb Bryan 3 years ago from Chico California

      Thank you for your ginger juice recipe. I know my body will love having ginger more often especially made from the raw root. This page has been informative and helpful. Blessings, Deb