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Fibroids can be prevented

Updated on January 15, 2011

Chance to conceive after myomectomy

In spite of age , thre is still a chance to concieve aftermyomectomy

This is the story of a 39 year old woman who has one child 5 years old, delivered by cesarean section. She married a man 5 years younger and this is her second marriage but for him it is his first. They wish to have another child if it is possible, a reasonable wish I thought. But when she saw a gynecologist A for her fibroid, the doctor insisted she undergo hysterectomy operation to remove her uterus and the fibroid. But the patient was not keen because after losing her uterus she will not be able to conceive, Instead she requested her doctor to remove only the fibroid by doing myomectomy. But the doctor was adamant and insisted that the patient undergo hysterectomy citing the reason that the growth may turn into cancer and she might bleed uncontrollably resulting in massive blood loss if she undergoes myomectomy only.

Feeling disappointed and uneasy about the doctor's reasoning, the patient resorted to websites for detailed information about fibroid and then decided to seek second opinion from another consultant, thus causing displeasure to doctor A. When I examined her and did ultrasound scanning, I found that she had a large fibroid 10 x 6 cms, lobulated and located at he posterior wall of uterus. Her uterus and its muscles appeared very normal and the fibroid has not inflicted much damage to the uterus. it is subserous fibroid and has not infringed into the uterine cavity.

After careful assessment, I concluded that myomectomy is feasible and there is no necessity to hysterectomy on her as yet. I respected her wish to have another child if possible. I perfomed the operation successfully with very little blood loss . around 100 mls. her uterus looks normal and so are the fallopian tubes and the ovaries. I think she has a good chance of having another child in the near future.

See the fibroid pics

Alternative Therapy for Fibroid

A word from a Uterine Fibroid Package user:

"I have been amazed at the results of taking Serra RX Serracor NK, Prevalin HS, and the vitamin D10, which I take three times a day. I was really at my wits end when my fibroids had grown so huge and the symptoms were uncontrollable and really affecting my everyday life. The only option was surgery and I did not wish to go down this route. Now I have tried so many different products, which to my avail didn't work and only by chance did I come across the website of Pivotal Health. Through suffering many years of pain, I can honestly say that these tablets are fantastic…and nothing like you have experienced before. They do exactly what they say they do!!! This is the best I have felt in years and I believe they also have many other benefits. The stomach bloating has disappeared hugely, and the horrific pain has also diminished. The size of my fibroids have also reduced quite significantly. I am now waiting in haste for my second delivery to come as I will continue to take these for as long as possible. I would definitely recommend the products and pivotal health gladly. These tablets have changed my life dramatically."

Michelle Mcdonald

Serracor- NK for treatment of fibroid

SERRACOR-a fibrin dissolving systemic enzyme that woman have been using effectively for years in the treatment of fibroids. Serracor-NK is at the forefront of systemic enzyme therapy. Serracor-NK address's uterine fibroids into two similar fashions, the first with Serrapeptase a proteolytic systemic enzyme that has a profound effect in dissolving the growth of fibrous tissues within cysts or fibroids that occur within the uterus. Serracor-NK attacks fibrin by attaching itself into the fibrosis tissue, then like a lock and key mechanism the fibrin dissolves and is removed from the body by sweat, urine or feces. The second efficacious ingredient in Serracor-NK is a fibrinolytic enzyme called Nattokinase. Nattokinase is clinically proven to not only eat away fibrin in the non tissue sources of the body but it also has miraculous results in anti-coagulation and systemically in the blood stream. The combination of these two enzymes in Serracor-NK will also lower your body's inflammatory response, modulate your immune system, increase your immune response and will clear away toxins and debris from your blood but also your liver and kidneys. Women can experience the following effects when taking Serracor-NK that will let them know that they have stop the growth of their fibroid and that Serracor-NK is working effectively at dissolving the fibroid.

Fibroid not likely turn cancer

Fibroid cut open

Multiple Fibroids

Diet for Fibroid - A suggestion

Dietary guidelines for women suffering with uterine fibroids suggest a high fiber, whole food diet with plenty of raw vegetables and fruit. It is also suggested that you maximize your intake of green vegetables such as spinach, kale, and broccoli. It is also suggested that your diet should include sea vegetables which are high in iodine that is required for thyroid function. Sometimes an under active thyroid can be associated with uterine fibroids.

Fibroids and pregnancy

Myomectomy during C section

I have been getting more and more patients who are pregnant with fibroids, some only one but large and some patients have multiple fibroids. In spite of these benign growths , some are able to have normal vaginal delivery without any complications. But some patients whose fibroids are located lower down at the entrance of uterus or cervix, it is impossible to have normal delivery. The only option is cesaean section.

Traditionally obstetricians do not remove fibroids at time of C section for fear of bleeding, I have been doing otherwise, ie doing myomectomy or removal of fibroids at time of C section. Touch wood so far no serious complications except one that developed intestinal obstruction but this case , i should have done it selectively because she had 7 fibroids and 3 of them located in the posterior wall of uterus which caused the complications. I need to be selective which one is safe to remove and avoid risky ones to ensure no post operative complication

If the fibroids are not removed during C section and they caused troubling symptoms like heavy and prolonged bleeding and/or pain, the patient may need another operation at later date, meaning she will have two operations. This can be prevented if myomectomy is done at he time of C section, thus reducing her exposure to possible risks of surgery and anesthesia.

Some tips for those who want to avoid growth of fibroids

When Fibroids cause prolonged and heavy bleeding

Most women will see their doctor as soon as they noticed abnormal menstruation, in amount or duration or cycle pattern. What trouble them most is when bleeding is heavy and excessive , a situation that can lead to anemia ( low hemoglobin). This condition will definitely threatened their health and well being. In some it is so bad that blood transfusion is necessary.

Solitary Fibroid - Myomectomy done

Multilobular Fibroids

Multiple multilobular fibroids

Fibroid - Cut open

Fibroid consist of fibrous tissue usually capsulated

Multiple fibroids + Adenomyosis

Large fibroids

Women Health and Family

Endometriosis, Fibroids, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Safe motherhood, Weight Loss Plan and Others

Mencegah Fibroids

Seorang wanita muda, umor 25 tahun, belum kahwin lagi telah ditimpa malang dengan tumbuhan fibroid dalam rahimnya. Dalam dua tahun sebelum ini , dia telah mengalami perdarahan haid yang berpanjangan dan amat banyak sehingga mengancam kesihatannya. Awal tahun ini dia dimasukkan kehospital akibat kurang darah, anemia, tahap hemoglobin 7 gm % , sedangkan tahap biasa sekurang2nya 10 gm%. Ketika itu dia perlu dimasukan 3 botal darah.

Fibroidnya cepat tumbuh membesar dan bila saya periksa minggu lepas ukuran fibroid 9x8 cm dan ia terletak dalam rongga atau cavity rahim. Hari ini saya telah selamat membedah dan buang fibroid tampa perlu transfusi darah. Tapi olih kerana ruang rahimnya telah terganggu, bila dia kahwin dan hamil, kemunkinan besar dia akan perlu bedah cesarean untuk melahirkan anak.

Langka2 untuk mencegah Fibroids

Langkah pertama ialah sejarah fibroid dalam keluarga khususnya emak, adik beradik emak dan sendiri. Baka memang memainkan peranan dalam kesemua jenis penyakit khususnya tumbuhan, kanser , diabetes, darah tinggi dan lain2. Waspadalah jika ada baka penyakit, berjaga2 untuk mengambil langkah menjauhkan faktor2 lain.

Tumbuhan fibroid dirangsang olih hormon estrogen. Kandungan hormon estrogen yang berlebihan menggalakkan tumbuhan fibroid. Biasa ada perimbangan antara 2 jenis hormon dalam tubuh wanita. Estrogen sentiasa dikeluarkan olih kilang ovary, manakala progesteron dikeluarkan jika berlaku ovulation atau penetasan telor yg berlaku pada hari 13-14-15-16 dalam pusingan haid.

Kalau tak ada ovulation, maka kandungan progesterone tak meningkat dan ini menggalakkan tindakan estrogen tanpa kaunter tindakan progesterone. Kesannya banyak yang tak baik , berbagai jenis tumbuhan dirahim dan dalam payaudara akan berlaku, dan diantaranya fibroid dan kanser.

Makan yg berlebihan gula , minyak dan lemak akan menggalakkan estrogen. Kawal makan2 ini jika nak selamat dari fibroid. Jauhkan makan 'junk and fast foods'

Banyak jenis makanan yang mengandugi natural progesterone diantaranya iala keladi liar dan keledek merah dan unggu. Makanlah dalam 2-3 kali seminggu sebagai gantian nasi.

Jauhkan meminum air yang terkandung dalam plastic kerana bahan2 plastik mengandungi bahan yang bolih meningkatkan xenoestrogen. Jangan panaskan makanan atau air dalam bekas plastik didalam mikrowave.

Kurangkan kegunaan insecticide, herbicide dalam rumah atau dihalaman rumah. Cuba guna bahan organik untuk tujuan tanam sayuran. Kurang makanan dalam tin.

Begitu juga bahan pencuci dapur, basuh baju dan shampo perlu diubah kepada yang organik.

Makanan dari ternakan - lembu, kambing, ayam juga sekarang banyak yang dipelihara secara organik. Ini lebih selamat pengidap2 fibroid, dan endometriosis.

Jauhkan dari coffee, sunflower seeds, kunyit, buah pala yang munkin bolih menggalakkan pertumbuhan fibroids.

Lotion2 kulit yg mengandungi parabens sebagai pengawet perlu dijauhkan. Cari yg menggunakan minyak sayur sebagai pengawet.

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