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Have You Heard of Hot Yoga

Updated on May 13, 2011

Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga may be new to you but it has actually been around since the 1970s. Yoga is considered to be a toning, stretching exercise that has also proven to help participants to lose weight and stay in shape. It is also hailed as the ultimate stress and tension reliever. In fact some people participate in Yoga classes for the physical health benefits and some people practice yoga in the privacy of their own homes strictly for the mental and emotional benefits. Whatever the desired result Yoga is credited with helping individuals in all of the above mentioned areas for optimal health and fitness; spirit, soul and body. One of the advantages of taking Yoga is the fact that generally there are no contracts involved in taking classes. Classes are not limited to national gym chains like Gold’s gym or World Gym but you can find a Yoga class in your area with a simple Google search or by letting your fingers take a walk through the yellow pages (remember that?). Once you have located a classes being held in your area, you can sign up for it or usually, you can just drop in. You’ll be required to pay a fee for the single class and that’s it. You can do that over and over again or opt in to a class discounted program but in general there no yearly contracts required for participating in Yoga classes.

Hot Yoga


What is Hot Yoga

Bikram Yoga or “Hot” Yoga as it is affectionately termed is a strategy used to eliminate toxins in the body, increase circulation and oxygen throughout the body and organs and of course and as always, to tone and strengthen muscles while affecting overall weight. I don’t know what images came to your mind when you first heard the term “Hot Yoga” but I can tell you for me it was not a room with the temperature set at 105 degrees but that is exactly what it is. Hot Yoga is performing Yoga moves in a “hot” sauna like environment. This increases perspiration which we know to be the primary by which toxins leave our bodies through the skin. This is thought to be extremely beneficial in an overall feeling of wellbeing. The class runs about 90 minutes on average and covers a range of 26 poses and some breathing exercises. It is thought of to be and has been praised as being rejuvenating and energizing. The practice of this type of Yoga was named after the founding Guru, Bikram Choudhury and has been growing in popularity for over 30 years but has spiked an interest in men and women everywhere within the last few years.

Should you decide to participate in this type of Yoga system, do your homework first. Consult with friends or current practitioners for feedback on their experiences. Bikram or Hot Yoga has been the topic of much debate as it is considered unsafe to perform strenuous exercises in temperatures over 100.04 degrees. Also be careful to know that your instructor is certified and licensed. Several lawsuits have been filed against individuals who were thought to be illegally instructing practitioners in this system of Yoga.


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