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How to prevent headache and get rid of headache medication for good

Updated on January 27, 2013

What causes headache?

Everyone has headaches, especially with the modern world we live in. It is a usual reflex to reach for medication when that happens. A common reasoning is, why suffer when you don't have to?

But, and that's a big but, headache medication decreases our resistance to headache. In other words, your body and brain adapts to the medication in time. You can develop a need for headache medication in a short period of time, as short as 6 time of usage! This is a huge problem because your severe headaches may require higher dosages as you go along and headache symptoms may increase significantly. After all, Michael Jackson died, thanks to pain medication. A lot of times, people start with mild headaches, they start headache medications, and because they do not prevent the root cause of their headaches, the headache symptom starts to increase and they may even start to get sleep headache. In other words, they have a headache, they sleep but they still wake up with a headache, or they may wake up with a headache in the middle of the night. So, what causes headache? Headache, most of the times, is a symptom. Your body is crying out that you are doing something wrong and you need to quit what you have been doing that is hurting your body. This could even be a depression headache. Of course, medical headache is a different story and you must see a doctor in extreme cases. Though I would say seek a doctor's advise in all cases, medical headache will have you comply to this, willingly or unwillingly :)

For those of you who does not like medicating themselves, and those who want to develop a natural immunity to headache and wants less and less frequent headaches, keep on reading.

Here are a few steps you can take to decrease the dosage and dependency.

  1. Drink plenty of water, and reach for water instead of coffee. You may feel withdrawal symptoms for couple of days, but then you will feel more relieved than ever.
  2. Mineral water may be bad for you if you have high blood pressure. Try taking it out of your life and prefer normal water.
  3. Avoid salt period.
  4. Don't push yourself too hard exercising, unless you have a regular exercise routine. You may have muscle contraction problems.
  5. Try not to be hungry for a long periods of time, unless you are fasting.
  6. Get enough sleep. Though a lot of text states that 6-8 hours should be enough, I personally know that I need 9-10 hours of sleep a day. The bottom line is everyone is different. If you are having regular headaches, you may need to sleep more. Sleep headache is not a pleasant thing and you can get rid of it by sleeping enough. As in all things, don't overdo it either, which may cause problems all of its own.
  7. If you are having a headache right now, try massaging your neck and sides of your head. You may feel your heartbeat where your headache is, massage that section lightly.
  8. Massage inner corner of your eyes lightly. Massage your head temples while squeezing your polar teeth lightly. You can feel the pressure on your temples.
  9. Depending on the person, putting ice on the back of the neck or putting a hot towel will help. Try both and see which one works.
  10. A lot of times, headaches are an indication of a stressful situation in your life just like back aches. Depression headache is a serious problem. A friend of mine had regular headaches and thousands of dollars of cat scans MRs etc. could not help him. His doctor suggested exercises and he hurt his back doing them! Ever since his back ache started, he never had headaches. After he had surgery for his back ache and healed, his headache started again. Depression headache is clearly a signal your body is giving you to deal with something, so you may forget your real stress. So, the final advice here is to find the source of your stress and eliminate it. Headache information is not hard to come by and if you have a serious problem related to it, I suggest you search more about headache information.


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