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How to choose eye power corrected glasses types - wearing

Updated on September 10, 2011
Glasses to choose
Glasses to choose

How to choose glasses


Commonly glasses are different types. It is classified depends on usage. Here I am going to talk about the eye glasses. Even the eye glasses also in two categories;

1. Power glasses

2. Sun glasses

3. Special glasses ( for welding)

Power glasses

Power glassesĀ  are used because of eye vision correcting. Basically there is two types of eye vision defects commonly experienced.

  • Myopia : Mostly , this type of vision problem , we experience in teen age. May be herediatry or some other eye problems. It is not total blindness. You can't see far away.To correct this type of vision we use eye glasses. The eye glasses which we use will not correct our eyes, which is having the defect. Instead of that it will correct the vision. So, we should not expect by wearing glasses , we are correcting our eyes. There is another choice for this. We can wear contact lenses. This needs lot attention. You should have proper practice for handling contact lenses.And to avoid infection we must clean our hands before and after using the contact lenses. Contact lenses are thin layer of lenses which can correct the vision by focusing. Still we must remember it is not going to correct your eyes.Third choice is surgery. This is a recent trend. Using laser technology , the opthalmogist will correct the eye vision. Here the eye is corrected for focusing. This is a permanent solution.
  • Hyperopia: This is another type of vision problem in eyes. Normally middle aged persons experience this kind of problems. They unable to see things nearby.This can also be corrected with wearing glasses. Here we are recommended to wear glasses whenever we read the books or to see nearest things.
  • Both types of eye vision glasses can be plain or day and night. That means when you wear the glasses at sunlight it will be colourish. When you are out of sunlight , it will be colourless.

Both the types of eye vision correcting should be done by checking with optician. Do not decide yourselves by choosing the glasses for eye glasses shop. This may worsen your eye sight.

  • Sun glasses : Even sunglasses should be choosen from the branded one to avoid side effects. When you go for sunglasses , you must not forget the purpose of wearing that. Even best adviceable way is consult your optician before you go for sun glasses. He may recommend you the best one for the right choice.


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    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 7 years ago

      Thank u Peggy W for stopping by and commenting on this hub.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      It is important to protect one's eyes from rays of the sun just as it is to protect one's skin. Sunglasses are not just a fashion statement although some of them certainly are good looking. :-)