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How to Cure Snoring Effectively By Just Changing Your Lifestyle

Updated on July 25, 2012

If you or your sleeping partner have snoring problem, then definitely one of you will have problem when sleeping at night. The heavy snoring noise is a nuisance and it surely make sleeping a nightmare. If you or any or your family member is facing this problem, you might be wondering how to cure snoring fast, effectively and better all naturally.

Some of the how to cure snoring remedies include simply changing your lifestyle (to a better one) or practicing some breathing exercises which broaden and strengthen your throat muscle. It sounds easier than you think and below are some of the things that you can practice instantly to cure your snoring:

How to Cure Snoring
How to Cure Snoring
Drink a lot of water
Drink a lot of water
  • the first how to cure snoring tips that you can try is to elevate your head up a bit while sleeping. You can do this by putting another pillow, even a small one can do. When sleeping flat on your back, the air that passes through your throat and tongue will have more chances to collapse and thus, causing snoring. So elevating your head might help to reduce the chances of the air to collapse.
  • check the type of pillow that you use. If it is a soft pillow, you should change it to a firmer one. Soft pillow encourage your throat muscles to relax and which then making you to snore. Note that this is one of the most common causes of snoring.
  • do you have the habit of drinking a glass of hot milk prior going to bed. If you are, then you should stop this now. Dairy products, specifically milk promotes the build-up of mucus in the throat and which increasing the chances of getting snoring problem. That's why it is recommended that you should avoid them before sleep. If you still need to drink something, go for healthier drinks such as herb teas that soothing and relaxing. Does this sound a simple how to cure snoring remedies, just getting rid of milk?
  • honey could be a great help towards your snoring problem. As mentioned above, you can replace milk with honey prior to sleep. Honey is known as a great anti-inflammatory agent and this definitely can help any congestion that you may have in your air flow that causes snoring.
  • do not consume a heavy meal particular the last two hours before going to bed. A full stomach will cause pressure on your diaphragm and which in turn restrict or limit the flexibility of your breathing and again causing you to snore.
  • do not drink alcoholic drinks prior to sleep such as beer and wain. People who drink too much of alcohol before heading to bed will tend to develop mucus in the nose and throat area and this will definitely disrupt the air flow, thus, causing you to snore. Again avoid this.

How to Cure Snoring Remedies

Statistics have shown that about 80% of the factors that causing snoring can actually be controlled or eliminated easily. What you have read above are some of the tips that you can follow to get rid of your snoring. The methods on how to prevent snoring above should at least improve your condition if not getting you cure completely.

IF after having tried the numerous way of curing your snoring but yet your condition does not improve, it is time that you might want to try other methods such as using anti-snore device, snore spray, learn stop snoring exercise technique. If you aren't having medical type of snoring, these later remedies should be quite effective. And if you combine all the above how to cure snoring remedies and tips with the later proactive methods, your condition should improve pretty fast.

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