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5 Tips On How To Improve Self-confidence (part1)

Updated on May 15, 2013

If someone asks what is self-confidence? You can simply say that self-confidence is nothing but the attitude of someone's life. It can either make or break you. Self-confidence is one of the finest possessions in someone's personality. A self-confident person is sure of what he or she wants in life and doesn't worry about what others think. Everyone is given a free mind to think or choose what they desire and with self-confidence you can and will go far.

Constructing self-confidence is something that is usually prepared during childhood. Parents play a huge role in developing self-confidence in children. The best step for the parents is to encourage their children and compliment them on their achievements. A lack of self-confidence can have a pessimistic affect on life. It does harm your personal as well as your professional life. In order to live life to the fullest, you need to have well balanced confidence. It is important to have faith and trust in your skills. It is different for some people. It can happen naturally or take some positive steps to develop self-confidence. One of the important factors when an individual tries to improve self-confidence is learning to see the positive side of life because then life becomes more interesting and appreciative. Some important tips to boost your self-confidence are:

Specializing on the positive
Instead of focusing on the flaws and negativity, concentrate on all the positive that surrounds you. Start by looking in the mirror and concentrating on things about yourself that you like. This will likely make your flaws appear small comparing to your optimism.

Do not compare
You have to stop comparing yourself with others because there will always be someone who is smarter, prettier, richer or more talented and more pulled together than you are. Comparisons will simply lower your self-esteem and you will feel worse. You need to learn and figure out things that you like about you. It won't be easy at first, but you have to try and focus on the positive.

Perk up your mindset
In order to gain self-confidence you need to have a clear mindset and erase all sorts of negative thoughts. Believe in yourself, talk to yourself and you will learn to achieve true happiness. You become what you think, so think positive and ignore the word can't.

Get yourself a brand new hobby
Another suggestion would be to find out something interesting and new, like a hobby. A new hobby will help you to meet new people with parallel interests and boost your confidence.

Improve your health
Many people do not realize that by improving your health you are improving your personality as well. For example an overweight person can overcome his flaw if he learns to take care of his body. This can enhance his energy level and help put up self-confidence. Though it is not necessary if not wanted. An overweight person can be as confident as any other person.

Self -confidence is an important part of your personality. It can either make you a leader or a follower. People with low self-confidence think that everything they do with success happens by chance and not because of their talent or skill. So, whenever a task is complete you need to congratulate yourself and boost your self-confidence. These tips will help you improve your self-confidence and make you a happy person.


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    • profile image

      Ram Verma 3 years ago

      It's realy helpfull to gain confidence and be leader insteadof followers

    • Nemetos profile image

      Nemetos 5 years ago

      Thank you for your lovely comment Jennifer Bart. I'm glad I could help with this article and hope these tips will help you improve your self-confidence

    • Jennifer Bart profile image

      Jennifer Bart 5 years ago from Texas

      I love this thank you so much I have struggled with low self esteem my entire life always concerning myself with what people think. Great tips on how to fight this issue everyone should read this.