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Tips to overcome with the negativity and be confident

Updated on August 24, 2015
Always remember to pick yourself up, life needs to carry on no matter how...
Always remember to pick yourself up, life needs to carry on no matter how... | Source

Well, there are times that you just don’t know what has actually plaguing your life…somehow, you feel the negativity, wonder why those kinds of insecurity, hurt, fear, blue, helpless, hopeless, and frustration feeling just sneak into your life so unaccountably and unknowingly.

Yes, there are times that one or more of such emotions take place in our life. Well, that’s life! We just can’t evade or ignore but to face it bravely. That’s being said, we have to lead our life bravely and yes, wisely of course. If not, no others but to lead a depress and torturing life!

So, what’s now? What and how should we do then?

There are many ways to charge us up actually and I would like to share with you here bit of my experience that how I got rid of those of my “negativity” and frankly, you know it well that it is what we so-called “depression”.

Leave the house chores aside if the need arises...
Leave the house chores aside if the need arises...

Leave House Chores Aside

Before we start everything, please, leave the house chores aside if the need arises. Put the never ending stream of the regular chores aside.

I always tell my sis that there is not necessary and not a must to prepare every meals for family members or to clean and tidy up the house everyday in order to be a so-called good wife and good mom…(hey, don’t boycott me okay?! It’s true!)

Rest, trust me, get enough rest for both your mental and physical health. I don’t think we need such necessity to shout it out to the world that we all fear and hate routine work?!

Exercise actively to get yourself not only in shape but healthy and full with confidence…
Exercise actively to get yourself not only in shape but healthy and full with confidence…

Exercise Regularly

That’s right, exercise regularly.

Or if you are permitted, exercise actively to get yourself not only in shape but healthy and full with confidence…Yes, before I know that exercise does burn up stress causing chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol, I hit the gym and surprisingly, it helped me to relax.

If you were like me, try arranging several enjoyable activities spread over the whole week that you really enjoy. Try different group classes instead of doing the workout on your own. By doing so, you can get yourself surrounded by members and instructors that can inspire you up and motivate you while you are doing the classes with hot and beat music. Choose the classes that enjoy you much, be it the spinning class, aerobic class, aerobox class, body jam, body pump, or dancing classes like bolly-wood, belly-dance, hip hop, salsa, cha-cha, mambo or yes, zumba.

Or you might want to try out some yoga or body balance classes with those soothing music lingering around and seeing your body move gracefully. (Take this important note however…avoid comparing and competing yourself to others. That’s what I learned from my yoga master in those dark days of mine.)

Hey, tell me, does it sound interesting and attracting to you? Trust me, you have to sweat it out!

However, if you are just the one who don't want to give in but prefer doing the exercise on your own, that’s fine. Yes, I said that’s still fine.

How about going for a swim? I bet you love it! You guess it right, that’s the exercise that I insist to slot into my daily schedule…

May be you might not want to believe that swimming does shake off our stress and down mood, but in fact, it really would. There are days of mine happen to be so down and vexed but surprisingly, it gets rid automatically after I have some laps and strokes in the pool.

Apart from this “water sport”, oops, I don’t mean that it’s the only exercise that you can do it on your own. Hmmm…you know it well than me that there are lots of them out there. Yes, jogging and running at your own pace at the park or cycling freely and leisurely on the bicycle track…aha, that’s another one that could not be missed out here of course, yes, that’s inline skating! So, does exercise on your own mean that you are all alone and being isolated?! Nope, you are just happily being alone but still with those whom you are not familiar or not known around…

If you are unavoidable to feel the loneliness, don’t forget your mp3 with the beat baby!

Is exercise one of your way to overcome your negativity?

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Think Positively


Yes, how to think positively?

Well, it’s easier said than done, I know.

How to think positively when we are somehow just that negative? Good question indeed! And that is the challenge. Positive thinking doesn’t simply emerge unless you need it and want it, badly. To be solved, of course, the first step you have to do is walk yourself out.

Again, how? Remember this always, you can think positively naturally only when you allowed yourself to be in a positive magnetic field. If not, the percentage of success is limited.

Go back to our previous points that I have written…

Get yourself out from where you stuck, leave the house chores aside when necessary, exercise regularly or actively, when you feel good, you would think positive naturally, and then only you can proceed to the last but not the least point.

Applying An Affirmation

Curious of what such laws of affirmation work in your life?

It’s a real fact that it plays an important role in our days that would pick us up now and then after we strive so hard to draw ourselves out from the negative field.

Trust me, try this, and actually…you must!

Recognize and acknowledge some good things about yourself.

If it happens that someone out there have told you they like about you, come on, this is not the time for you to be humble, acknowledge it, accept it and take it in.

Inspire up yourself by giving yourself such an amazing power that you should never underestimate with, believe me, you will find it unbelievable powerful strong.

Share this here with you that it really implies to me. Sorry if I sound like not being humble enough, but it happened just out of my expectation, and that’s after a few months after I have become a so-called gym rat.

Yes, I would have never realized how powerful such an encouragement was until one of my Indian friends told me so in the gym…

“Hi, you look great today huh!”

“No, I am always the same me. Always the lady that makes me felt that inferior…”

“Hey, why you doubt yourself? Remember this, everyone is unique, including you, and you are the one and only you in this world. There is no one else would be and could be you. You are a nice lady, you always being so friendly, kind and considerate, you are intelligent, you are always that active in the gym and attending almost every classes, you are so healthy and fit, you are gorgeous, you have a sweet smile, you are energetic, you are pretty, there is a deep beauty in you…

“But I am short…”

“So you never know that you have a good figure huh? Come on, put it this way that you are petite and sexy…”

I Feel Good (James Brown)


“Appreciate these, these are the real compliment to you.”

Oh my, I would have never known that I can give others such image and never could I expect that I find myself really am when I keep telling by others, and I have learned to allow real compliment and praise to really touch me…

Guess what then? Yes, I was inspired and picked myself up on track since then…

Amazing? From this, you might want to agree with me that regardless kids or adults, somehow we do need praise and positive feedback now and then.

So, know the answer by now huh?!

Keep yourself in a good condition always and you would definitely feel good. Oops, don’t forget to sing “I feel good” whenever you feel like singing…


Do you feel comfortable when others give you compliment?

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