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How to Prevent Bad Breath with Natural Remedies

Updated on April 4, 2013
How to Prevent Bad Breath
How to Prevent Bad Breath

One of the things that can do a lot of damages to your social and professional life is suffering from bad breath. Facing this problem will make people always try to be distant from you. So it is very important that you know how to prevent bad breath even before it begins; don't give a chance to begin. And if you are facing one and you don't take the necessary steps to stop bad breath in its early stage, you will only be making your life harder when the problem worsens.

If not treated early, bad breath can get worsened and during that time it might take a lot of effort to get rid of it. Below are few tips that you could try for prevention and as well as curing halitosis.

Drink lots of water
Drink lots of water

Some of the steps below are quite simple but they truly play a part in your breath condition. Here are your how to prevent bad breath tips:

  1. Drink a lot of water - Like said, this is a basic way to prevent bad breath. Not chronic bad breath is always caused by a type of bacteria which could be found insides the mouth. This bacteria which is known as 'anaerobic' live inside our mouth by breaking down protein and sugar into 'volatile sulfur compount' that creates foul smell. Anaerobic bacteria grow vigorously in dry condition and by drinking plenty of water, you hinder their growing process. On top of that, water can dilute the concentration of VSCs and thus, making the odor that comes from your mouth won't be so offensive.
  2. Fix your oral problem - This is one of the problems that faced by most people. Bad teeth or gum disease can be the cause of your bad breath. If you have oral disease, rush to you dentist and have them fix immediately. Not only that you will eliminate your bad breath, you might even save your teeth and gum from further deteriorating.
  3. Be selective when using mouthwashes - Most commercial mouthwashes contain large amount of alcohol and although it is very effective in getting rid of gems, it also leads to dry mouth problem. And this condition again promote the growth or anaerobic bacteria. Moreover, these commercial bad breath mouthwashes also contain artificial flavor and color, which could be bad for your health.
  4. Stop drinking coffee - Coffee creates a thin layer of coat on your tongue and this coating can block the supply of oxygen from reaching it. In such case, a good environment is created as the perfect breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria thrive in such dry environment and the droppings that they created (VSCs) will stink your breath. If you are a coffee drinker, cut down on them and switch to tea or other healthier drinks for your instant morning boost.
  5. Consume crisp fruits and vegetables frequently - Crisp fruits and vegetables such as apple celery and cucumber can clean your mouth naturally. When chewing these foods, plaque and food particles that trapped between your teeth and gums could be removed effectively and thus preventing oral disease.
  6. Maintain a good oral hygiene - Always brush your teeth and wash your mouth after consuming food. It is also highly advisable that you clean your tongue with a brush or tongue scraper to avoid bacterias from growing.

Natural Ways to Cure Bad Breath

Regain your confidence
Regain your confidence

After reading the tips above, it's now time for you to pay attention on your breath. If you are facing this problem, you have better take it seriously and take immediate step to find out what causes halitosis and do everything that you could to get rid of it.

Depending on individual case, it might take up to several weeks to cure a bad breath. So don't procrastinate and jump start with your own how to prevent bad breath plan now.

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