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How To Pole Dance: Beginner Exercises, Moves, & Benefits.

Updated on January 10, 2014
How To Pole Dance At Home For Beginners
How To Pole Dance At Home For Beginners | Source

Learning how to pole dance for beginners can be a very fun and frustrating process. Since pole dancing classes are not offered in every town, many women are faced learning to dance at home via online pole dancing lessons or free tutorials on YouTube.

The problem with free YouTube tutorials is that beginners don’t know what they need to learn first. They don’t know that proper dance posture and technique play a huge role in their ability to do a good pole dance.

They don’t know how specific exercises can help them develop the kind of flexibility and strength required to do a pole dance. Furthermore, if they did know that exercises were important, they probably don’t know what to search for to find good quality ones.

If a beginner tries to learn pole alone on the Internet, chances are they will fail due to improper training.

If you don’t get proper training when you are learning how to pole dance, then you will learn bad dancing habits and those bad habits will hurt you later on (if not sooner) in your pole dancing routines.

How can they hurt you? First of all, there is such a thing called proper dance technique. These are simple ways you hold you bodily posture while you are dance. This drastically reduces the possibility of injury and makes the dance look good.

You have probably got on YouTube and seem many different pole dancers’ performances. Some are good and some….. well ….. are less than optimal to put it nicely.

You can definitely tell the difference between a good and bad pole dancer performance.

The hinging difference between the two is proper training. Look at this way. Have you ever heard of a great ballet dancer that learned everything they needed to know at home alone?

No, they took the advice of professional dancers before them. They listened to the correction their dance teacher had to make and applied those corrections in their dancing. This made them a better dancer. Beginners don’t what they are doing and surely can’t make corrections for themselves.

Does this mean that you have to go do a local pole dancing class to learn how to poles dance? No.

You can get a good teacher online and through web conferencing you can get your mistakes corrected. If the video lessons are designed with good posture and technique in mind then those can be very helpful

There is no substitute for being in a class with a live person who can watch you closes, spot you if needed, and make those corrections.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn the basics of good pole dancing through a video for the purposes of exercise. When you are using pole dancing for fitness, performing everything with perfection isn’t important because you are not an aspiring pro pole dance competitor.

There is room for imperfection in pole dancing for fitness, however, that doesn’t mean that you don’t learn good posture and technique. These basics help prevent injury and any good pole dance teacher will educate about this along with strengthening exercises, dance flexibility training, and other tips that will help your personal body type get better.

To find the best online pole dancing lessons you must watch for a teacher with a good background in group exercise, a personal trainer, and more importantly someone with quality dance training, particularly ballet.

Why ballet?

Ballet not only give you great posture but is sculpts your body to possess those long lean lines we all want. The reason dance has that toned body is because they are engaging a lot of tiny muscles we don’t normally use in everyday life. They are trained to use those muscles.

This is the same training you will get if you choose the right teacher.

Don’t make the mistake of taking lessons from an ex exotic dancer to pole dance for fitness (unless you plan to become a stripper).

If you are an aspiring pro dancer who wants to compete, then take your lesson from a professional dancer who has previously won awards like Jenyne Butterfly, Jamilla Deville, or Fawnia Dietrich.

Last but not least. Your health and happiness is of the upmost importance, invest in some good quality lessons and don’t skimp to much with the FREE stuff.

Soul Inspiring Pole Dance Routine

Do you think most pole moves are too hard for the everyday woman?

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Most Pole Moves Are Too Hard For The Everyday Woman

In a lot of ways, most pole dancing lessons are too advanced for the everyday woman.

Have you seen some of these pole dancers? Gorgeous! And their moves are epic, wonderful, and olympic.

Unfortunately, most people are not aspiring professionals. They just want a fun way to get in shape, get tones, and possible lose some weight.

Beginner lessons are very important in that regard to people using pole dancing as exercise. Also, having a teacher that will expand the beginning level routines to keep them interesting is critical too.

Since most beginner who are exercises will never advance into complicated pole moves and positions, it is important for the your teacher to have a wide variety of beginning moves that you can not only advance through as your fitness level improves, but is also suitable for full-figured woman as well.

Beginners Can Learn Pole Dancing At Home
Beginners Can Learn Pole Dancing At Home | Source

Best Ways To Prepare For A Pole Dancing Class

Strengthening Exercises
Flexibilty Exercises
Beginner Pole Spins
Push Ups
Ballet Basics
Pull Ups
Mermaid Stretch
Knee Spins
Shoulder Stretches
Front Hook Spin


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