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How to Stay Healthy When Quarantined

Updated on April 14, 2020
Erich Heinlein profile image

Erich has been a health and fitness coach over the last five years

When your underemployed or unemployed it's not hard to fall into some unhealthy habits; here are some tips on how to prevent that

If you have a lot more time on your hands because of lack of employment or income that can become a really stressful time. Unfortunately for some people that may also cause a lot of extra stress eating and TV binging. The rest of this article will contain some tips on how to prevent that when unemployed.

Have a routine

It is no secret that human beings are a creature of habit. Chances are when you did have full employment you eventually created some form of a routine. Assuming whatever that routine was left you functioning at your best you will want to continue that routine. If it did not than you may want to rethink your day.

Try to get up and go to bed as if you were going to work

In regards to what time you wake up and go to bed you should try to make it as commiserate with the time you will need to do so you can be alert and well-rested for your next job and whatever else it is you have to deal with in your daily life once you are employed again.

If you are in between jobs and you know that your next one will be a different shift then you should practice going to bed at the necessary time earlier so you can routinely get seven to nine hours worth of sleep. This may involve you having to get up or go to bed extremely late or early a few times to help your body adjust. But just like anything else it eventually will. After all you don't want to walk into your first day on the job exhausted as that leaves a bad impression.

Limit the amount of junk food you buy

While there is nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while it shouldn't become a consistent habit. Habitually eating junk food and staying sendatary routinely is a big part of what causes people to gain weight. The less you have in the house the less you will be tempted to eat it because you will have to "work" for it by driving to whatever grocery store or restaurant to buy it. After all, if your unemployed your eventually going to get short on funds if it's long enough so it's a good time to break a bad habit, right?

Plan your meals and snacks

This one plays into the previous one. If you correctly plan your meals on snacks you are much less likely to binge. While it's won't guaranteed you won't be tempted to binge you should do whatever it is that will lessen that temptation. If you also ask yourself how binge eating helps you reach your goals and you remember your why for whatever it is you want to accomplish that could also lessen the possibility you end up eating more junk.

Plan your day

With each day you should be realistic with what you accomplish and also plan out some time for yourself. Having a plan for your day will also lessen the chance that you lay around all day watching TV or engaging in whatever your favorite non productive activity is. In keeping with the routine part that should also include the time you wake up and potentially even going to bed. By having a plan this also allows for balance.

Set goals and have a plan to achieve them

Whatever goal it is should be achievable. Chances are there are certain things you want to accomplish before your life is over. The biggest part of goal settings is creating smaller goals in between. For example if you want to run a marathon and you have never run before unless your already an elite athlete, chances are you will need to take several steps before that. First you should want to be able to run a 5K the whole time without stopping, then you can upgrade to a 10K and then so forth all the way up till you have reached the marathon distance. When you decide what you want to do with your days, unless you feel you need the time for yourself the biggest thing you need to ask yourself is how does this activity help me toward reaching my goal? That one simple task could change your mindset drastically.

Know the why for your goals

Chances are if you have goals there is probably a reason as to why you want to accomplish them. For example if you want to lose weight you probably want to feel better about yourself and have more energy. Or if your trying to get more energy it's probably so you can be more alert or allow you to do something you normally couldn't throughout the course of a day. Whenever you are tempted to do something that is detrimental toward your goals you should always envision the end in mind. If you have the head knowledge that whatever the activity is won't accomplish that goal then chances are you will reduce or kick that bad habit.

Make a part of the day with friends

It's widely published that human connection is one of the basic human needs as a race. As a result you need to figure out a way to make human connections during this time. It will help you feel better emotionally. Ideally you would want to find people you have mutual interests with and find activities to do together that won't break the bank of course.

Brush up on old skills

If your unemployment period ends up going for a period of time it wouldn't be hard for whatever skills are needed for your profession to go rusty. With most skills you can find a way to practice them at home, if you still have a good enough touch you can offer to do freelance work or maybe even take a class on the subject matter. But either way whenever you end up going back to work your skills need to be on par.


If you are actually looking for another job, networking may not be a bad idea. If you don't feel comfortable with networking with people the old fashioned way with cold calling and such it's not hard to do it on the Internet. There are great ways you can advertise yourself on places such as LinkedIn and If your not familiar with how to market yourself on sites such as these, there are tons of free material to educate yourself on how to market yourself on social networking sites.

So in conclusion, the best thing to do with yourself when you have more time than usual? Better yourself, work toward your goals and market yourself.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 erich heinlein


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