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How Distant Healing Works

Updated on March 24, 2013

What is Distant Healing?

Long distance healing works on the basics of quantum physics, that everything is energy and connected. For me the easiest way to explain long distance healing is that it is just like the cell phone. The healer has a cell phone and the receiver also has a cell phone. The phone number is the frequency that connects the two phones. So, as a distant healer, I can tune into your specific phone number to connect with you and it does not matter if you are sitting across the room or at the other end of the world, once you are open to receiving the healing you will.

You are an Energy Being

Know that you are an energy being. This means you exist not only as a physical body, but you also have an energetic body. Your energetic body has a frequency like a radio and like a cell phone and all illness begins in the energetic body. Furthermore, all of us are connected through our energy. This is how we are attracted to some and not attracted to others. The attraction means we are on the same energetic frequency. But, you still share energy with everyone even if you are not attracted to them.

The Mind

Your mind is what affects your frequency or in other words its what controls your energy. How you think and feel is influencing your energy. You invite illness to the physical body by continued negative thoughts and judgements. And because these negative thoughts and judgements first affect the energy body it gives you time to correct your way of thinking before it affects your physical body.

Negative Thinking

Prolonged negative thinking weakens the physical body and invites illness and disease. Once the negative thoughts have been in the energetic field long enough you start to feel their manifestation in your physical body. Watching television dramas and news shows and listening to the negative chatter and judgements about others brings with it more negative thinking.

How does distant healing help?

Distant healing helps by the healer opening up to the client’s frequency to see and feel the blockages in the client’s energy. The healer can remove the energetic blockages from the client’s energy fields, which in turn changes the physical manifestation of the illness and disease.

To completely free yourself from disease you must train your thoughts to be positive and loving. This, for the beginner, is not easy. But the work to transform your thoughts will literally transform your life. If you are ready to make this change you will naturally be attracted to what will help you. Don’t judge about what you are attracted to, don’t try too hard and leave expectations at the door. Open your heart and your mind and see what happens.

Having positive thoughts does not mean that you will never get sick, but if you do, the illness will bring with it a deep understanding about life and why you are sick in the first place will be clear to you.


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    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 4 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Dear msperfecthealth,

      An interesting and well written article. You are quite right that distance is no barrier to healing energy although sometimes a photo gives you something to focus on.

      Kind regards Peter