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Longevity Tips for Ageless Women

Updated on May 13, 2016

Anti Aging Lifestyle

Hi Ageless Superwoman!

Would you like to cut 10 to 20 years off your biological age - the true age that your body should be measured, in terms of function, rather than your chronological age as measured by the candles on your birthday cake?

I bet you would :)....but you are facing stress daily and you are prematurely aging.

Although the opposite is right, too. Aging creates stress.

But there are others who lives amazingly well, enjoys stress-free life and looks great and youthful.

What's their secret you could ask?

Many researchers maintain that it is our chosen lifestyle that helps us manage stress successfully in order to reverse premature aging and enjoy longevity.

Gradually implemented lifestyle changes can prevent and reduce stress, help to reverse the effects of aging, keep one looking young, feeling good, having tons of energy and waking up daily with an enthusiasm for life.

All you have to do is to follow simple steps using holistic approach and implement simple Healthy Lifestyle Principles for Longevity :



Stress and Longevity

Imagine that you are a zebra strolling across the savanna. You are minding your business when a lion comes charging towards you from the bushes. The classical stress reaction of " fight or flight" starts - your body quickly paces itself through a series of neurological, biochemical, hormonal, and physiological actions - to escape and survive.

For zebra the stress response runs its complete course, in a relatively short period. The stress occurs (lion), which causes the zebra's brain and hormonal system to release a series of stress hormones, which enables to fight or run away. After getting away from the lion, the zebras stress hormones return to normal- end of story.

We humans are not so lucky. In the 21st century we are the victims of chronic stress and elevated stress hormone - cortisol level. If we experience stressful events on regular basis and we are not unable to effectively rid ourselves from them, then our cortisol levels stay constantly elevated above normal level.

Stress and elevated cortisol levels involves and damages 100% of our body systems, affect our overall health and massively contributes to premature aging.

Let's look at the facts:

- Nearly 80 million U.S. adults have some form of cardiovascular disease,(CVD)and someone in U.S. dies every 36 seconds from CVD.

- More than 20 million people have diabetes, and adults with diabetes die from heart disease at a rate two to four times higher than adults without diabetes.

- Nearly 70 percent of Americans are overweight and more than 30 % are obese.

Have you have noticed lately that:

-you are feeling low on energy
-starting to gain weight
-your cholesterol level and blood pressure is creeping up
-your memory is getting weaker
-your bone density decreases as well as muscle mass and muscles become limp

Do you want to object saying that those are signs of aging.

Yes, you are right - a permanently elevated stress hormone - cortisol levels is the shortest way to premature aging.

But I have the good news: we ageless women have a choice!

The easiest choice is to do nothing (like most of people) and let chronic stress and elevated cortisol levels slowly break down our bodily defenses and increase your risk for poor health and LOOKING AND FEELING OLD.

The more effective choice is to take action to develop healthy lifestyle using holistic approach to stress management.

Healthy Longevity Diet

Nutritional Deficiencies Attribute to Aging

We are what we eat? Sure we are! Significant number of health problems faced by women over 50 is attributable to nutritional deficiencies.

Lets us face it - we are stress out and this leads to certain consequences connected with our digestive system function. (Not to mention that when stressed, we tend to grab unhealthy foods and overeat.)

Stress causes malabsorption problems as well, so the nutrients in food are not properly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

In order to restore health and well-being to digestive problems, food (plant) enzymes are used to improve digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Enzymes are an important link in stamina, energy level, utilizing vitamins and minerals and boost the natural immune system.

At the same time, as body ages, its systems slow down and become less efficient, so the correct nutrients are more important than ever for the support, repair and regeneration of the cells.

The good news is that you can feel better at sixty than you did at thirty by making healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle.

The human body is the greatest machine on the earth. Even more than that - the greatest self-repairing machine and as all machinery, it needs fuel. But for self-repairing we need special fuel - one that provides us with all necessary macro and micro nutrients: healthy food.

Unhealthy foods poison your body; add to stress hormone levels, and premature aging.

And on the contrary: if our fuel is of high quality, our bodies function well and we think clear, we are full of energy, vitality, our overall health is excellent and we prosper.

A healthy diet is the base of our well-being, so the minimum we can do for ourselves is watching the way we nurture our precious bodies and make significant changes in our diets.

An Apple A Day Keeps A Doctor Away!!! Well...NOT anymore!

Anti Aging Supplements

In order to obtain necessary amount of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc.) years ago was sufficient maintain balanced diet.

Was. Not anymore!

The bad news is that as studies show, nowadays neither fruit, nor vegetables do not contain the required amount of vitamins, minerals or antioxidants anymore.

Plus stress, aging, extensive physical exercises and poor diet attributes to decreasing the reserves of certain minerals and vitamins and accumulation of free radicals.

Those all are factors that lead to increased need for supplementation in order to reverse aging.

In fact, scientific research has proved that vitamin supplements aggressively fight free radicals which increase when aging and reasonably contribute to your well-being.

IMPORTANT - the health supplements for majority of people represent something that they can realistically incorporate into their already busy daily lives and that can have a powerful beneficial impact.

Adding the anti aging vitamin supplements boost your immunity and prevent and cure most disorders- not to mention making you able to age much slower and stay and look younger.

Looking youthful for a Baby boomer is an added bonus.

Adding supplements to your daily diet plan is the best anti aging gift you can give yourself says author of Age Right: Turn Back the Clock with a Proven, Personalized, Anti-Aging Program M.D. Karlis Ullis.

(I must confess that this book is my ever stay young health -longevity-anti-aging supplementation bible).

Turn Back the Clock with a Proven, Personalized, Anti-Aging Lifestyle Program

Don't resign yourself to growing old gracefully. With Age Right as your guide, you can reduce body fat, increase strength and energy, and boost your sex drive, all while adding years to your life. With his revolutionary approach, Karlis Ullis, M.D,, provides you with the latest methods for stopping -- and even reversing -- the aging process. Based on twenty years of pioneering work with Olympic and professional athletes, Age Right offers an antiaging program that helps you extend your life span by identifying your unique aging pathway through the "Mind-Body-Spirit" test.


Anti Aging Fitness


As with eating a healthy diet, we often know exercise is good for us but never seem to get round to making a habit of it, and often when we are stressed, the first thing we drop out of our lives is exercise. Often we are just too busy and it is hard to find time for what we consider to be the non-essentials. We believe that we will be able to pick up our exercise regime at some stage in the future when things are better.

Things are getting only worse - you have gained some extra weight and you are not able to get rid of them, our muscles become limp and our bone density decreases.


Studies have shown that if you want to reverse aging you need a good exercise program witch consists of two elements:
- Resistance training (or weight-bearing training)
- Cardio training

Stress management: Relaxation tips

Some general tips to get the most out of your relaxation:

-Allow a regular time for your relaxation practice, preferably at the same time each day.

-Make sure that you won't be disturbed during your relaxation period.

-Make sure that the room is warm and comfortable.

-Use relaxing music

-Use aromatherapy oils or candles

-Avoid practicing if you are hungry or have just had a large meal.

-Don't judge your attempts - relaxation is not a competitive sport - just allow it to happen.

-Breathe slowly and regularly, in and out through your nose.

-Breathe from the diaphragm.

-Practice once or twice a day for 20 to 30 minutes.

- Try relaxation yoga online.


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