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Lucid Dreaming Supplements

Updated on December 11, 2013

Supplements To Induce Lucid Dreams

Ever since lucid dreaming has become increasingly popular among the people all over the world, there has been a lot of talk about the best lucid dreaming supplements that aid in having not only more vivid dream and a stronger dream recall, but also increase your chances of having real lucid dreams.

In a nutshell, lucid dreaming supplements induce lucid dreams in those who have problems becoming conscious while dreaming. They will be able to dream and KNOW that they are in a dream, thus act differently than in normal

Lucid Dreaming Supplement with Lucid Dream Instructional E-Handbook

circumstances. For example if people are having a nightmare, by being aware that it is ONLY a nightmare, they can do something about it right then and there.

It's true, there are many natural supplements (completely legal, herbal, natural and very safe - you can actually find them at Amazon), that can help achieve very lucid dreams more often than without them.

The Book That Started It All

advanced lucid dreaming
advanced lucid dreaming

Well, maybe not entirely "started it all", but Advanced Lucid Dreaming< by Thomas Yuschak is the most authoritative book on the subject of using supplements for lucid dreaming enhancement.

And while testings were already being done on using supplements to enhance and enduce lucid dreaming, Yuschak started a new mainsteam trend.

And Thomas Yuschak is not just somebody. He has a Masters Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Modern Physics and he's known to have stuided Lucid Dreaming for over a decade. Over time he has become a leading authority on the supplement approach of inducing lucid dreams.

He is in fact the founder of AdvancedLD, Ltd; an organization dedicated to the research, development, and teaching of the most advanced and effective induction techniques known.

If you want to give lucid dreaming supplements a try, you simply must own this book. It has everything that you'll ever want to know on which supplement combinations are best to use for what exactly. Simply priceless.

Why The Need For Lucid Dreaming Supplements

The main reason is because there are people who strongly desire to have lucid dreams, yet they are for some reason unable to achieve them. There are so many scientific studies done about lucid dreaming saying that practically all of us lucid dream but we just don't remember, that people simply want to know.

They want to know what's on the other side and want to expand beyond our regular world of wakefulness.

The other reason for these supplements is the increasing number of core lucid dreamers (there is an entire subculture of of lucid dreamers) who simply want to go beyond what's possible. They are the pioneers, those who usually break the boundaries and bring our world forward, way before the official science has had time to catch up.

So here is a rundown on the most popular and most widely used lucid dreaming supplements and other aids that help increase your experience of lucid dreams.

Lucid Dreaming Supplement (LDS) Tutorial

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

Probably the most popular lucid dreaming supplement - on that people take usually anyway, but maybe in less amounts - is the well known vitamin B6.

In general vitamin B6 is essential for amino acid (protein) metabolism. Based on the US RDA, healthy women and men should take a daily intake of 1.3 mg of Vitamin B6 every day. Of course when taking any supplements and vitamins, you should consult your doctor, just to be safe.

For lucid dreaming purposes, the dosage is "slightly" higher. People have been experimenting with 100mg and even more per pill. It was interesting when I read this a few years ago because I've been here in my country you can only find 100mg in the health stores and pharmacies anyway, so this is the amount I was regularly taking as part of my healthy vitamin regimen.

Of course you can start with a lower amount, like 25mg or 50 mg and increase it if you don't see any results.

Vitamin B6 should be best taken when going to sleep in the evening for maximum effect.

Note: not everybody experiences more vivid dreams or lucid dreams after having taken B6, however more people find that it helps than not. It might also be a "placebo effect" in place, which is known to help overall as well.

vitamin B6 from vegetables
vitamin B6 from vegetables

Natural Sources Of Vitamin B6

You can also get vitamin B6 from food, however the amount is much less than when taking it in pills form.

Here are some of the most commonly known sources of vitamin B6:

Green and leafy vegetables

Fruits and Legumes

Whole grains


Fish, Shellfish


Some people swear by apple juice, banana and peanut butter before going to bed. Oh and Cheddar cheese (apparently it should be the Cheddar variety).

egg yolk
egg yolk


Choline is an essential nutrient that is usually taken with vitamin B. The average intake should be somewhere between 425 and 550 mg for both men and women.

Choline is best taken at the WBTB (wake back to bed) stage. This is the stage when you woke up in the middle of the night and you're going back to sleep after going to the bathroom, drinking water, etc.

It is know that the REM cycle, when the dreams occur, is longer during the second part of the night, towards the morning. So there's no point in taking these vitamins when you go to sleep simply because they'll be already eliminated from your body before they should help with lucid dreaming.

You can also find them naturally in:

Dietary supplements including Lecitin

Egg yolk




Galantamine is kind of a controversial supplement.

Traditionally it has been used in helping with Alzeimer's disease and memory loss problems. However recently it has been scientifically found that it aids lucid dreaming as well (check Wiki article).

Galantamine should be taken just before expecting to dream, at the WBTB stage.

Personally I don't use galantamine, so I can not vouch for it.

Before using it though please make sure you take every precaution and speak first with your doctor.

Other Lucid Dreaming Aids

While lucid dreaming supplements are all the rage right now (especially that they are safe and entirely legal - they're mostly afterall vitamins that you take anyway either in pill forms or in food), there are also other lucid dreaming aids that might be more to your taste.

Something that I like a lot is using music and sounds, the so-called lucid dreaming audio aids.

Meditation music, binaural beats, mantras (and even affirmations) are all ways that help us achieve lucid dreaming easier, faster and in an entirely safe way.

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Thank you for visiting my Lucid Dreaming Supplements lens. Please leave your comments below.


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