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Massage Cupping Therapy - Ancient Secret For Pain Relief

Updated on February 19, 2015

How Massage Cupping Can Be Used At Home For Beauty and Health

At first, Massage Cupping can sound like a strange idea. However, when people learn that there are actual substances the body releases, it makes some people squeamish.

A cupping massage is an old technique that sprangs up in the healing practices of the eastern and the western world. The benefits of the massage cupping far exceed the expectations of the novice user.

Most people start using massage cupping for getting rid of cellulite. However, there were many other uses for the massage cupping before this.

Effective treatment for cellulite simply brought them into modern vogue.

Most people are a little intimidated with how to use massage cupping at first. However, beginners find the cups are extremely easy to heat up and to use. Furthermore, the home versions of massage cups may be your only alternative if you are not near a practitioner of alternative health that specializes in massage cupping.

It's good to know that you don't need to rely on a professional massage cupping practitioner to get the same results at home. Once you are familiar with the basics of massage cupping, you will feel confident in purchasing in using one for your home spa regiment.

Traditional cupping therapy
Traditional cupping therapy

Health Benefits of Massage Cupping Therapy

Massage cupping was historically used to treat:

  • Wounds

  • Arthritis

  • Back Spasms

  • Lung Infections

  • Organ Damage (detoxifying)

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How To Get Started with Cupping Massage?

In order to get started with massage cupping, you need to know the following:

  • Massage Cupping History

  • How Massage Cupping Works

  • Unexpected Benefits of Massage Cupping

  • Home Users of Massage Cupping

Cupping Therapy Has Over 2000 Years of History

A Tradition as Old as Glass

Massage Cupping started as a technique over 2,000 years ago. Sometime after the invention of glass, there was the invention of the glass cup. At some point in history, it was discovered that if you heat glass and place it over a wound, it would draw out substances from the body.

Thankfully, massage cupping never fell out of practice. Independently, in Asia and in Europe, the tradition thrived. This is largely due to the fact that it actually worked. The application was simple and easy to use and you immediately saw results when toxins were drawn from the body.

As people stopped using traditional medicine as much and started to go to the doctor more, the traditions still thrived. Today, you can get a kit for yourself and use it at home. Just like the natural medicine healers of the past, you can find relief in treating a number of ailments.

Cupping Set
Cupping Set

How Massage Cupping Works

How Vacuums Draw Out Toxins to Benefit Your Body

The way that a Massage Cupping Kit actually works is by to drawing toxins out of the body through the pores. This is not damaging to your pores because this is how they function in the first place. Pores are constantly doing the job of helping your body to detoxify.

There are all lot of normal things that get exuded through the pores including hormones, sweat, and toxins. Using a massage cupping kit simply helps the pores to do their job quicker by drawing out all the toxins at once.

In addition to toxins, your body can also store a lot of extra water. This is part of the problem with cellulite. It is simply extra water trapped around fat that dimples the skin. This is why when you have PMS and you are bloated, you tend to have more cellulite.

By using the principles in science of making a simple vacuum, the massage cupping technique really works. You don't need something complicated to make a pore oozing vacuum. You simply need a massage cupping kit.

Unexpected Benefits of Massage Cupping

How Massage Cupping Helps With Other Ailments

As we've said before, the main way that massage cupping works is to detoxify the body by making a simple vacuum. However, what does that mean for illnesses like respiratory issues, arthritis, headaches, tension, and organ damage?

Although organ damage can be something difficult to pinpoint on your own, there are other chronic pain related illnesses that are helped by massage cupping.

Arthritis- You can apply the massage cupping kit to certain parts of your body that are remote to the area that you have the arthritis pain. Because you apply the vacuums to those parts of the body and detoxify it, you get arthritis relief.

Respiratory Issues- When you have problems with your lungs or you have a cough, it causes a lot of inflammation in the body. Sometimes this inflammation is causing your problems. In order to reduce the amount of inflammation, white blood cells need to be drawn out. The vacuum of a massage cupping kit will help you to accomplish this goal.

Headaches and Tension- Although it is not clearly understood, many people who have muscle tension, stress, and headaches are finding relief with massage cupping. Toxins are drawn out in the sessions, but toxins seem to be particular to each individual. Most people stick with it because they know it gets results. It is this group more than others that are inclined to buy a home massage cupping kit.

Home Users of Massage Cupping

Tips for the Beginner

  1. When you get your massage cupping kit in the mail, you will need to read the instructions thoroughly.

  2. You also need to make sure that you are not creating a fire hazard.

  3. You may want to have the assistance of a friend the first time.

  4. If you do not have anyone the useful comfortable sharing this kind of experience with, you can always use it in the bathroom.

  5. If you use the massage cupping in the bathroom, it reduces fire hazards.

  6. You will want to make sure that you are standing on top of a rug. This way, if you accidentally dropped one of the massage cups, you will not shatter them.

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