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Maternity Pillows For Pregnant Women

Updated on November 8, 2011

All maternity pillows are specially designed to help expectant mothers to sleep. Different to a standard bolster pillow or back support pillow, they're created purely around a woman's growing pregnant form. They're also designed to alleviate the increasing difficulty many of us experience during our pregnancies - most of which can be very uncomfortable!

There are few women that don't find comfort after purchasing one and they're one of the most popular maternity items for pregnant moms. They can and do become a must-have source of comfort, particularly around and after the six month pregnant stage.

Much like a prenatal cradle, maternity pillows can become invaluable to the owner. Featured below are the five best pregnancy body pillows - they're all highly popular, best selling and will help reduce pregnancy discomfort.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

By far this is the best maternity pillow - and the best selling overall. This one will help to alleviate back pressure, provide hip support, pregnant belly support - as well as shore up any pressure you may be experiencing in your joints. In short it's a pregnancy pillows that's truly designed to aid rest and comfort.

What's great about this one is the fact that it can be used beyond the pregnancy stage - once baby has arrived, it will remain a source of comfort when sleeping, resting or nursing baby. It provides firm yet comfortable support, and as it's designed to last it comes with a handy removable/washable cover. If you're looking for a full sized body pillow - this one is the perfect choice.

Leachco Back 'N Belly - Contoured Body Pillow, Ivory

This is one of the best maternity pillows that bridges the gap between a full body pillow and a wedge type. The Back n' Belly supports the upper body - which of course reduces stress on the back and abdomen. It's a great choice for those that don't want or need to feel wrapped up or fear becoming over-heated with the larger version.

It comes with a washable pillowcase and is filled with polyester that provides a good level of comfortable support. It will allow you to sleep on either your left, right or back - whichever is the most comfortable position. It's a wonderful design, well thought out and perfect if you want the comfort of the previous product without the full body hugging length.

Todays Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

The fully supportive maternity pillows are generally a simple tube type shape. Usually long and rounded, they can be pushed, pulled and molded to fit around or under your body. This one does exactly that - you can lie in a variety of positions - simply mold the pillow where you need it the most and look forward to a more beneficial rest.

Many women find that this type provide a good level of support, especially during the middle trimester, which is – for some women – the time that they may start to become uncomfortable during the night. As this one cradles the whole of the body - both you and baby are supported which of course equals less discomfort. A super buy - worth every cent and sure to help your body, baby and you.

Boppy Total Body Pillow, Neutral

The is one of the best maternity pillows that's not only one of the best sellers - it's a surprisingly unique design that provides support and comfort without taking up half the bed space. The design is a pair of tear-drop shapes that are joined in the center, allowing you to lie in the most comfortable position and gain the optimum benefits.

It's one that’s great for post-pregnancy too – such as when you're breast or bottle feeding. It comes with a cotton cover that you can remove and wash as and when required, plus it's one that you can use it during the day, when seated in the lounge ... or taking a nap in the afternoon. It fully deserves its five star rating and holds up well against it's main competitor.

Leachco Preggle Comfort Air-Flow Body Pillow, Ivory/Khaki

The last of the best maternity pillows is the Preggle - a little unusual in that is allows air to flow uninterrupted around your body - thus prevents overheating.  It's an innovative design and certainly welcomed by pregnant women that not only suffer from back/hip pain, they also struggle not to over heat when resting. 

From the manufacturing aspect, the materials used on and in the products are a benefit to the user - plus you get to adjust the shape and size of the pillow, which allows you to use it any way you like. You can raise your legs/feet, rest against it, hug it, have it support your weight - and all without becoming too warm due to the air flow system. An awesome design, a big hit with pregnant women - and by far the cheapest of the Leachco brand. Recommended buy.


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    • Write at Home profile image

      Write at Home 8 years ago

      wish i had one of these when i was pregnant! :)

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 8 years ago

      thelesley - see! They're great. I would have another now but for some reason they're pretty expensive here.

    • thelesleyshow profile image

      TheLesleyShow 8 years ago from US

      I know I loved mine. Best 50 bucks I ever spent!

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 8 years ago

      lxxy - I know. I had one in the UK. Too bulky to bring her but I've thought about buying a new one many a time. I love to guh pillows.

      BC - hey! lolol!!! You know you love wimmin and babies :)

    • profile image

      badcompany99 8 years ago

      I can't wait till she has the sodden baby, just hope it doesn't keep me awake ; )

    • lxxy profile image

      lxxy 8 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

      Oddly enough, those pillows just look plain comfy--no matter who or what you are!