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Obesity - The Fall of a Nation.

Updated on April 25, 2012

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a medical condition that in which excess body fat has extended for a short period of time, or even longer, that has health affect's including, Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Sleep Apnea, cancer's and osteoarthritis.

These all are major health disease's plaguing America and our children today.

The Social affect's of Obesity.

Bullying in America has brought an uprise in suicide in young teen's, we live in a social system that demands perfection, we all know perfection doesn't exist, and we know our children are more likely to be bullied if over weight, it's a hard truth, because in an opinion from me, and a word from God, we are all the same, none the less, none the more, but kid's fail to realize that and accept that due to immaturity.

We are left of grim reminder's of this impact, there are kid's committing suicide, over year's of bullying, yet it only seems to get worse. Us as adult's need to stand up, take charge, and free our children from this plague.

A study from The University of Michigan showed that 821 children ages 8-11 in the third grade, 15% of the children were over weight, and 17 were considered obese, a quarter of all the student's say they were bullied over their weight.

The harsh reality of this all is that it's happening in your school's, where your kid's attend, this is happening in High School's, College's or any Campus, there's always one bully, and always one obese person.

Being an obese child like I was, I was bullied a lot, and it really made me think time to time, "What is my life really worth?", "I do nothing wrong but breathe like everyone else, yet I am picked on everyday", this led to counceling for me, 1 year of counceling, and a very great girlfriend helped me get out of this situation, now that I find myself growing older, I find myself eating more, "How do I handle this?", well with work, diet, and walking, it is under control.

Our Kid's lack the means to do this, now before you read anymore, let me take a moment to say I mean this with no disrespect, rudeness, or to be offensive, but we aren't doing our full potential to keep our kid's safe from this, it's simply blown off the shoulder, believe it or not our society has considered this problem, but at the same time our society is shutting these kid's down.

The only activities a kid from ages 8-15 really have is P.E. (Physical Education), that normally run's for an hour a day, depended upon the school, the eating choice in the school are terrible, they are completely unhealthy, the Government has said they are fixing this problem with better food's for the kid's, but where's the change?

Us as parent's need to stand up and say no to when it comes to fast food, to any type of bad food, and if that's the way we can stop this that's what we need to do. What would you do for your child to be health? Would you move to a less dense fast food population? Would you tell your kid no to a fast food meal?

These are questions you need to ask yourself, you need to set fourth a boundary in which our kid's eat, put a lock on the fridge, limited fridge access.

Over 17% of Children are obese in America, 300,000 death's are estimated by Obesity every year.

These statistic's should not be there, these should not exist.

One thing we all forget to check is the Nutrition label on the back of everything we buy, in processed food's, companies put 0 Tran's Fat, that's because there are none, but it's the same thing, just a different name, Hydrogenated Oil's, this is particularly the same thing as Tran's Fat, and since we eat more than usually one serving of something, it's even more dangerous, also considering the fact that Federal Regulation's allow food label's to say 0 Tran's Fat as long as it's less then half a gram of Tran's Fat's, so technically it's got Tran's Fat's.

This kind of deciete is what is driving this epidemic, our own Government is keeping it going, they claim to help, they claim to have it under control, but look at what they are doing.

This is game to them, Let's not let it be a game to us and our families.

Mc Donald's

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    • janikon profile image

      Stuart A Jeffery 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      I was lucky as a child because my parents were very insistent my sister and I stay active, we were signed up to nearly every team. Though obesity is one of the main issues plaguing the North America's, I honestly believe people do not know what they are looking for in healthier meal options. I'm very sorry to hear you were bullied as a child for being overweight, no one should have to deal with that, especially for something out of your control.

      I was a competitive swimmer for many years and became somewhat obsessed with keeping my weight under a certain number, so I think as a society there should be proper nutrition courses implemented in schools. We are starting them in Canada but it has a long way to go. Voted Up.