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Fight mold and bacteria with natural home remedies and products| The Thieves Remedy and Thieves Cleaning Products

Updated on January 7, 2011
Clean stuff like this! with organic home remedies
Clean stuff like this! with organic home remedies

Home remedies for natural cleaning

To your right you see a beautiful image, an awesome sunburst with impressive detail. You may wonder what this beautiful picture is and how you can get one for yourself?

Well its quite easy actually, simple scrape a sample from everyday bathroom or kitchen and place into a petri dish. To us, this is a beautiful image, but to a lab worker this is a sign of contamination.

Most bathrooms public and private can be expected to have high concentrations o fthe following possibly harmful bacteria:

  • E-Coli
  • Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Streptococcus
  • Campylobacter
  • Salmonella

Even without the fight against harmful bacteria, the fight against mildew that is unsightly and damaging to your paint and grout is certainly apart of everyone's bathroom battleground adventure.

There certainly isn't a shortage of ways to fight bacteria in the home, the aisles are filled with cleaners and disinfectants that tout their effectiveness in remedying this problem.

But do we really want this caustic solutions in our homes? Do I want my indoor quality to include chemical solutions, bleaches and disinfectants. Are these items I want my pregnant fiance and unborn child exposed to. Will i be comfortable if my toddler gets into them, do I want to inhale the vapors as I clean a small enclosed space?

Answer: I don't and you shouldn't.


Cleaning with thieves Oil
Cleaning with thieves Oil

Top Gun of Home Remedies: Thieves Oil

Thieves oil was first brought to my attention by studies that showed its effectiveness against MRSA. (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) You may remember that Staph is in the previous list of bacteria commonly found in private and public homes. The issue with MRSA is commonly related to hospitals, essentially, years and decades of combating this bacteria with antibiotics has created a common strain of Staph that is resistant to traditional treatment and is quite dangerous.You may have heard the term "superbug"

Studies done by the University of Manchester and Weber State University both showed that Thieves oil had a 99.9996% effectiveness in killing MRSA and ecoli bacteria (in fact all airborne bacteria tested for). This really got my attention.

The fun history of Thieves Oil

The story of how Thieves oil was discovered is quite interesting. As the tale goes, four thieves were captured and before the judge with charges of looting from the dead. The kicker is, this was 15th century Europe and the dead had died from the plague! In exchange for their lives the thieves were allowed to give up the secret that allowed them to survive in the their dastardly deeds.

Regardless of the truth of the story a recipe has been created that claims these sordid origins.

Is Thieves Oil safe?

Thieves oil  is just a simple concoction of cloves, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon bark and rosemary essential oils!

Personal Experience with Thieves Oil

Our family uses Thieves oil in two ways, during the winter months and high exposure times a few drops on the scarf and collar is used to help fight contracting flu. But on an everyday basis our household cleaner is a simple thieves oil based solution, effective and safe enough to shower in.

I also diffuse the oil in my bathroom on a daily basis, the spicy and aromatic cloves and cinnamon scent is a treat on its own but more importantly I have personally watched as the mildew that used to accumulate on my bathroom ceiling ( No windows!) has disappeared on its own. I used to scrub it weekly with bleach and it would continue to develop and I would have to leave the bathroom alone for hours. Now, I administered the Thieves based cleaner on my ceiling once and regularly diffuse and have not had the issue again for close to 8 months.

Simple Diffusers

Although, I do use some fancy store bought diffusers, the one in my bathroom diffuses oil and creates a soothing waterfall effect. Such devices are certainly not necessary. A few drops on a warmed light bulb or fixture works for a quick burst of essence and simple reed diffusers can be purchased or made for under $5.00USD. We use oils in every room of the house and have more conversation pieces as our diffusers. ( My office is being diffused with a calming oil as I type!...umm, where was I?)

related info: Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Review

Cleaning with Thieves Oil

Although, I purchase my Thieves oil for cleaning purposes i get a concentrate cleaning solution that is organic and includes lemon and thieves essential oils a few capfuls in water is the extant of my preparation, and find it easiest to use for my lifestyle. Some recipes do exist for creating your own thieves oil cleaning products at home.

Vinegar of The Four Thieves Cleaning Solution

  • Place 1/4 cup each of dried lavender, rosemary, sage, rue, cinnamon and mint into a quart size glass jar.
  • Fill the jar organic apple cider vinegar.
  • Cover tightly and allow to sit in a dark, cool place for 45 days

Thieves Oil: Presentation

Would you or do you use Essential oils in your home remedies?

See results

Quick home remedy for Mold

Soak a cloth scrap or cotton ball with thieves oil and leave in mold prone locations that are hard to reach!

Further links and research studies are available below comments

If you are also interested in Organic and Health topics and are interested in sharing this information with others and even possibly making an income through it - try being a Hubpages author , sign up is free and and never costs a thing


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    • davesnell profile image

      davesnell 6 years ago from 5437 Cedarmint Drive, Charlotte, N.C. 28227

      Very useful hub. Great to learn something about Thieves oil.Thanks for writing this hub.

    • sunforged profile image

      sunforged 6 years ago from

      Ben, I think this particular article was written for the "health contest" and was rattled off in 15 minutes or so.

      The above was written purely for love of the oil

    • sunforged profile image

      sunforged 6 years ago from

      Hi Ben!

      Since writing this article awhile back, my suage of Thieves based products is increased greatly. Now that I have a rugrat running about I am very careful about what chemicals I allow in the house, especially cleaning products that may be on surfaces she may be rubbing and running and dropping food on and such. So I also use a Thieves household cleaner, works great, smells even better.

      Im not one for fads or using things just because they are "green" , I use thieves because it works for me.

      I think I owuld have love dthat convo .. ill hint you down on facebook so I dont miss the next one ( /joshuasunforged)

    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 6 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Ha! Never heard of it, lovin' Thieves Oil. You have described my bathroom battle to a tee Sunforged, this sounds great. Also interesting about the herbs hidden in the mask history! I always figured those were disguised aliens during the Black Plague.

      Also, you might find it interesting to hear I got into a loud (as loud as facebook arguments go anyway) disagreement with a Big Pharma advocate about the unnecessary overuse of flu-shots and also alternative cancer treatments i.e. Vitamin C, coffee enemas etc. man was that guy pissed. He directly benefits from the perpetuity of there remedies while they subvert good cures. Anyway, glad we're on a similar page. Another fine article, kudos.


    • dablufox profile image

      dablufox 6 years ago from Australia

      Amazing hub about a very interesting topic.

      Never heard of thieves oil before, but you learn something everyday.

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 7 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      essential oils are amazing. I use 3 oz of olive oil as a base, with 100 drops of each clove oil and peppermint oil mixed in the olive oil, instead of vicks vapor rub... I also use it in place of absorbine junior.

      Even placing a pot with only rosemary (about 6 tablespoons)on the stove to simmer kills a ton of airborne bacteria.

      Great hub!

    • profile image

      sord87 8 years ago

      I never heard of THIEVES OIl before and Surprise to know it is so powerful even dealing with e-coli bacteria,thanks for information!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 8 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for a very informative hub. I never heard of it. Great read.

    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Hey SF I love this Hub. Having never heard of Thieves oil I'm glad you brought it to my attention with great style and humor! Thanks! Rated up