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4 Myths About Ozonated Water Exposed- Ozone Does Not Cure Cancer

Updated on November 21, 2015

Ozone water is a wonderful addition to the home, however, it frustrates me that there is so much misinformation permeating the Internet. In this brief article, I hope to dispel the myths and clarify what this great new product can do for families.

Myth #1 Ozone Water Can Cure - Absolutely False. I have been following ozonated water for an extended period of time. During this time, I am greatly dismayed at the unsubstantiated claims about “cures”; especially claims that ozone cures cancer. I have spoken with various manufacturers, watched educational videos and read the weekly alerts I receive.

As one of our readers has correctly pointed out, ozone has the power to help our immune system which can help us fight diseases. "Cure" is not appropriate, boost our immune system - absolutely.

Let me repeat: Ozonated water only boosts the immune system; ozonated water will not cure any disease, ozone does not "cure" cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness

Ozonated water can be utilized as a disinfectant. Ozonated water can prolong the life of vegetables and fruit because it kills bacteria. Ozonated water can help somewhat with digestive problems and sinuses because it serves as an antioxidant. However, Ozonated water is not a cure. Reputable manufacturers here in the United States, do not oversell ozone water and they provide research to back up any claims. They tell the story, the true story. Why is this important to me? Because I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer. I feel the pain of the family members desperately seeking a cure or grasping for a solution. Ozonated water is wonderful. It is pure. it can be a disinfectant for up to 30 minutes but it is not a cure.

Myth #2 Ozone Water Harms Plastic - Absolutely False The statement "ozone water will hurt plastic" is simply not true. Plastic containers can be used. Metal and glass are preferred.

Ozone is stronger than chlorine so this is where this myth first began.

Ozonated water does make the best sanitizer and the purest drinking water.

Myth #3 Reverse Osmosis is just as good as Ozone Water - Aboslutely False This is another falsehood. Reverse Osmosis has many great features, but R.O. is strictly a filtration system and does not disinfect. R.O. will not eliminate E. coli, salmonella and other bacteria, viruses and mold.

UV can fight bacteria but UV is limited by the line of sight.

Myth#4 Ozone Water is New - Absolutely False This surprised me the most. Ozonated water has been used commercially for years. My hot tub uses ozonated water! Commercial swimming pools in Canada are mandated to use ozonated water. What is new is the safe and compact technology. Never before has the ability to mimic Mother Nature been available in a table top model with zero waste. This is truly a green product. It uses very little electricity. And it does really deliver much like Mother Nature the very purest water. And the layered ozonated water IF delivered in sufficient strength has been independently proven to disinfect other surfaces for up to 30 minutes.

Layered ozonated water is now. Ozonated water is over 150 years "old".


What is my background with water? For close to 2 decades, I was a CFO. During one chapter in my career, it was my job to set water and sewer utility rates, was responsible for designing utility rates and provided the financial analysis for a large class action suite.

How did I become so involved in water utilities? I started my career as a utility accountant for the 2nd largest water utility in Illinois. I worked closely with water production and distribution. I also visited the largest water company in Illinois utility to learn about their financial systems and also their distribution and production.

Many years later, when I was running personnel, I was challenged by a police officer for the high pay for our water production staff in relative terms to the public safety officers. Water production is the team that ensures the water quality, water distribution provides the valves and mains to transport the water to your home. These staff members take special pride in their jobs and rightfully so. The water production team members are trained professional who truly care about water quality. What frustrates them is the inability to control the quality of the water after it leaves their system. The service lines and the household plumbing often has bacteria and in older lines that are lead pipes, the lead will leach into the water and the water will have lead.

Moral of the story:The quality of your water is dependent not just upon the quality of water they deliver into the distribution system but also includes your household water sitting in your service line and sitting in your household plumbing.

Simply stated, stagnant water has a greater possibility of bacteria than flowing water.

Important tip: If we understand plumbing and understand how the water "sits" in the pipes, then we know for certain, that we should NEVER drink the first drops of water out of the faucet. For this reason alone, I cannot over emphasize an important health tip - always running your faucet before using the water for drinking.

Unique and Modern Kitchen Faucet

Kohler Faucet from
Kohler Faucet from


Wise use of water is always running your tap before you use your faucet for water. This is not wasteful, it is wise once you understand the logistics of where that water has been sitting. If you are drinking warm water from the faucet, you are drinking water that has been sitting in your plumbing. You could have a substantial amount of lead in that water IF you have a lead service. Filtered water is not always necessary, the water delivered by your local municipal government is one of the most regulated and closely monitored items. Ozone water is not just filtered water, it is beyond filtered water, it also has disinfectant properties. Only a high powered ozone water system is able to provide this level of health water.

Advantage 03 Point of Use Water Filter and Ozone Generator

Advantage 03 Point of Use Water Filter and Ozone Generator
Advantage 03 Point of Use Water Filter and Ozone Generator | Source


Many people today are hurting. Millions of people are fighting viruses and other bacteria. Ozonated water is beyond any filtered water. Ozonated water is health water. But ozonated water has no known medical studies to substantiate “cures”. Let the truth be heard. Understand and use this great technology. But don’t expect miracles. Consult your physician first and foremost.

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