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Physiotherapist Ipswich

Updated on May 25, 2015

Find A Physiotherapist In Ipswich

When I began having problems with my back earlier on in the year my doctor recommended seeing a Physiotherapist for treatment. As there was a long waiting list for National Health treatment he suggested that I may like to try and find a private practitioner. Like most people these days, I never bother with the Yellow Pages but instead I went straight to my computer and did a Google search for Physiotherapist Ipswich.

Finding a local physiotherapist in the Ipswich area of the UK can be a daunting task if you have never been to a physiotherapist before and don't know what to expect.


Will Physiotherapy Help My Condition?

Visiting a Local Ipswich Physiotherapist

You may have been referred by your doctor to see a physiotherapist for treatment and are wondering if a physiotherapist can help your condition and what to expect from your treatment..

There are many various conditions that can be treated by a physiotherapist.. So if you are suffering from joint pain, muscle strains, neck pain, headaches, arthritic conditions, back pain, slipped disc, sciatica, tennis elbow, copal tunnel syndrome, whiplash, sports injury or need post surgical rehabilitation, then a physiotherapist will be able to help you

At your first visit to a physiotherapist you will be asked some general questions about your health, occupation, hobbies and your symptoms and how they affect your every day life. You will then have a general physical examination to assess your condition. They will then make a diagnosis and suggest a course of treatment, depending on your particular condition.

physiotherapy treatment
physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy Treatments

There are a lot of injuries and surgical procedures will cause a joint, or muscles, to become so weak that it severely decrease the range of motion. A physiotherapist will design a set of stretches, exercises and resistance training to begin strengthening the area in question and to increase the range of motion.

A physiotherapist may also use massage and joint manipulation to work on improving the health of a patient.

In many cases a physiotherapist will begin working with the patient on a one to one basis. They will train the patient on how to do the stretches and exercises. They will often give the patient a list of exercises and stretches to work on by themselves at home. On each visit they will test the patient's strength and range of motion to determine the level of improvement and to make adjustments to the treatment plan.

For some patients, especially the elderly, their treatments may always be administered by the physiotherapist. This is because their physical strength and balance is not strong enough for them to be allowed to do it on their own for fear of risking potential injury.

Another form of treatment often used by a physiotherapist is hydrotherapy. This can be in the form of whirlpools, or heated water tubs used to relax the muscles and increase circulation to the affected areas. This is commonly followed by massage, or additional stretching techniques to further increase the range of motion and flexibility.

Physiotherapy is highly recommended by the medical profession and you will find that physiotherapists are working in most hospitals and nursing homes as well as having their own private practices.

Have You Every Had Physiotherapy Treatment?

Did Physiotherapy Treatment Help Your Condition?

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Physiotherapy Consultation - Will Physiotherapy Be Painful?

This video shows someone who has been experiencing neck and shoulder pain as he visits the physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy Treatment Was Good For Me

I am happy to report that since seeing a local Ipswich Physiotherapist my back is much better and stronger and in fact I feel much healthier all round. Physiotherapy treatment in my opinion is well worth pursuing and persevering with.


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