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The Power of Rudraksha Beads - Electrical and Magnetic Properties

Updated on March 18, 2013
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Anamika S Jain is a Social Media Consultant and Blogger. She is passionate about topics like Alternative Health Therapies and Hindu Mantras.

Electromagnetic Properties of Lord Shiva's Power Beads

There is no ornament worn on a human body which is as auspicious and powerful as the Rudraksha Beads mala. The word Rudraksha comes from the words 'Rudra' (Shiva) and 'Aksha' (tear). Rudraksha is said to be Rudra's (Lord Shiva) gift to the mankind. Anyone who wears this bead with devotion is said to be like Rudra himself. The Shastras speak of 1 to 38 mukhi beads but normally only 1 to 14 mukhis are used for astrological purposes.

Rudraksha Beads have Electrical (Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance) and Magnetic Properties which are beneficial for the human body. They are also said to have powerful anti-aging properties. The property of Dynamic Polarity of the Rudraksha Bead makes it far superior to magnets in healing. The Electromagnetic character of the Rudraksha empowers the bead to cure the human body medically as well as spiritually. Rudraksha is considered as a very effective Ayurvedic medicine. Because of its medicinal properties this bead is used in Ayurveda to cure several diseases (Check out Rudraksha Beads for curing Diseases for more information). The biomedical properties of Rudraksha help in controlling stress, hypertension and blood pressure. Wearing Rudraksha Seeds mala is also known to be helpful in the awakening of Kundalini power. A great advantage of this bead is that they do not have any negative effects like Gemstones. So it can be used as an alternative to gemstones as remedy to negative planetary influences. Rudraksh seeds have been worn by mankind for thousands of years for good health and for gaining better results while performing religious rituals.

Power of Rudraksha Beads
Power of Rudraksha Beads

Type of Rudrakshas and their Ruling Planets

Given below are the details of the different mukhi rudrakshas and their planetary associations.

One mukhi - Sun

Two mukhi - moon

Three mukhi - Mars

Four Mukhi - Mercury

Five Mukhi - Jupiter

Six Mukhi - Venus

Seven Mukhi - Saturn

Eight Mukhi - Rahu

Nine Mukhi - Ketu

Ten Mukhi - Mercury

Eleven Mukhi - No Ruling Planet

Twelve Mukhi - Sun

Thirteen Mukhi - Venus

Fourteen Mukhi - Saturn

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha - Moon

This most commonly available bead is the 5 faced rudraksha which is a remedy for Jupiter related problems. Rosary made of 5 faced beads are also normally used as a Japa Mala. Wearing a five faced beads rosary can be very effective in controlling anger, BP, Diabetics, tooth-ache, piles and gives peace of mind and spiritual inclinations to the wearer.

Rudraksh needs to be worn after after energizing the beads with the mantras of individual beads in the prescribed time. People of all castes creed and religions can wear these beads. There is no sex or age bar for people desiring to wear these. However, wearing these beads should be avoided during sex, sleeping, funerals, menstrual cycle, when consuming non vegetarian food or alcohol and during bowel movements. It should be worn constantly to get the effect and should not be exchanged. These beads can be used to remedy the negative effects of planets as they cost much lesser than gemstones and has no adverse effects. However, Since many duplicates are available in the market, make sure that you purchase rudraksha beads only from reliable and reputed sellers.

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Rudraksha Beads Information Blog
Rudraksha Beads Information Blog | Source

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