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REVIEW – SOLIDEA LOW RISE SUPPORT PANTYHOSE - marketed towards women, reviewed by a man.

Updated on December 14, 2010

Italy has produced some of the world’s finest wines, fastest sports cars and most luxurious well made shoes.  Well now you can add to that list support pantyhose.

I was cruising the internet looking for support hose to help with my tired, aching legs, I came across the Solidea brand of support wear. Solidea has nine different styles of pantyhose and 3 styles of designer opaque tights. There are also unisex knee high’s and many styles of thigh high hold ups.  They have compression pants for men in three lengths and several for the ladies. There is a line of hosiery designed to reduce cellulite and aloe-Vera treated line of hose to moisturize while you wear them. They have a multitude of customer reviews of all their products on the site as well.  I ordered three different styles that had good customer reviews.  Solidea support pantyhose are sold at  in the United States. Their extensive line of support products are on display there.

I spent some time reading the customer reviews and learning about the different characteristics their many lines and decided to order one each pair from three different lines of pantyhose and I will review the Vanity 70 here.

Solidea’s Vanity line consists of two weights of low rise styles of sheer hose and one style of low rise opaque tights. I ordered the 70 denier mild support style and used PayPal at the checkout window. I received a receipt email immediately and the next morning another email supplying me with a tracking number and informing me that they had been shipped. Three days after ordering them I received a package from UPS.

The hose were shipped with care in a white box marked on the side with the Solidea logo and slogan “fashion accessories for a better you”. There were no other clues on the packaging what was contained inside. Carefully opening the box I found three individually packaged pairs of hose cushioned with packing peanuts.

I found the hose to be fully boarded, sheer to waist, except for the wide reinforced area along the flat seamed brief. The toes are reinforced and the feet have anti-stress soles which add just a bit of cushion to the balls of the foot. Vanity 70’s come in 8 colors the color I ordered was Bronze and was very close to the picture on the website. They are composed or 78% nylon 20% spandex and 2% cotton for the crotch gusset.

The Vanity 70 style is labeled mild support and is rated at 12/15 mmHg. The support is graduated and starts at the instep and goes up from there. I was pleased with the level of support in my ankles calves and thighs.  I could even feel my knees being supported which was something I had not felt with support hose before. My butt felt supported and lifted a bit and the gusseted crotch still has ample room for my male anatomy.  The wide waistband is a nice touch and unlike typical “women’s” pantyhose stopped perfectly at my actual waist instead of above my belly button.

Durability of these seems good so far as I have been wearing them for a couple of weeks without a snag or hole yet. The toe seems especially durable and has held up well even against my lower claws. I will review this area in a few months after I have had a chance to wear them out a bit more.

 So how do these hose feel on the legs? One word that comes to mind is spectacular. They sport a nice level of support and the fabric feels very fine like silk. They are very nice to the touch as well. I rate the glide factor on these hose at 10.  Virtually no resistance under long pants especially my uniform Dickies which hang on lesser hose and gradually pull them south. At one point over a long weekend I wore these hose for more than 24 hours and they felt as good at hour 23 as they did at hour 1.

With the low rise, durable fabric and high glide factor, these hose seem like they were made for men. I am not sure how Solidea feels about this but I would consider these their men’s line of support pantyhose. Of course quality like this does not come cheaply. If you order the 70 denier Vanity variety the regular price is $29.95 they are currently marked as being 20% off for $23.95. There is also an opaque firm support variety, in 10 different colors, currently discounted to 31.95 and a 30 denier sheer discounted to $19.95.  Shipping on orders over $39.95 is free. Although they are worth the full price, I recommend you get some before the price goes back up.


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