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Secret to Staying Slim and Fit

Updated on July 24, 2017

Staying lean, thin and fit is rather difficult, on the other hand, following specific lifestyle and dietary practices can help you get rid of those undesirable pounds and stay slim and healthy.

Every one aspires for a slim body with a healthy body. Estimates have suggested that increasing number of individuals, especially women; go under the knife annually for liposuction surgeries to get a beautiful and shapely body. A correct dietary regimen and life style modifications can help in optimum weight management by improve metabolism which not only helps in losing those extra pounds but can also energize and rejuvenate.

Benefits of Having n Ideal Body Weight

Some simple and practical weight management tips can be beneficial in losing the extra pounds of weight and also retain the ideal body weight.

Staying slim and maintaining an ideal body weight has several benefits.

  • It protects the body from cardiovascular disorders and delays the development of musculoskeletal disorders like arthritis.
  • In addition staying slim and regulating body weight regulates hormonal balance in the body and prevents the occurrence of endocrinal disorders like hyperthyroidism and polycystic ovarian disease
  • Finally a slim and healthy body results in a glowing and youthful skin. Maintaining an ideal body weight can also reduce the occurrence of acne, pimples, acne scars and cellulite.
  • Finally having a slim and fit body can do wonders to your self confidence. Higher self confidence gives you the competitive advantage and also helps reduce mental stress considerably.

Guidelines to Shed Fat and Maintain Your Weight

Knowledge of certain practical and simple weight loss and weight management tips is essential,

  • Raw honey is very beneficial in weight management. Consume one teaspoon of honey with freshly squeezed lemon juice each morning. Honey is low in glycemic index and helps reduce belly fat and bulges while lime is rich in Vitamin C which enhances immunity and reduces susceptibility of infections
  • Busy life style and hectic schedule might prevent you from working out each day. However, begin with working out for about thirty minutes on weekends. Gradually increase the regularity and length of these workouts.
  • Don’t bother maintaining a calorie count. Ensure that your meal is nutritious. Avoid white flour, processed or refined foods, white sugar, aerated drinks, trans fats, etc.You could use a nutrition software if need to help you maintain a calorie count
  • Eat small quantity of food frequently throughout the day. Don’t have heavy meals. Having a heavy meal tends to tune your brain to store as much as possible, which result in weight gain. Instead eat frequently; this will tune your brain to believe that ‘there is more food to come during the day’.
  • Eat at least a couple of hours prior to bedtime.
  • Ensure an adequate supply of various nutrients and supplements which are beneficial in weight management

Conquer Those Cravings!

One of the greatest problems in a weight loss regimen is the inability to conquer the obsessive urge to eat. Here are some simple tips that can help you conquer your cravings,

  • A clinical trial performed on a group of volunteers concluded that walking can help reduce the craving for chocolates. Individuals with craving for chocolates observed a decline in their craving after 15 minutes of brisk walking. Brisk walk helps divert your thoughts
  • Stress management is crucial in order to conquer your craving. Studies have shown that individual crave for certain foods when they are angry, depressed, frustrated or distressed. Certain herbal remedies have been found effective in the management of depression and anger and reduce craving for these foods.
  • Effective stress management techniques like yoga and meditation along with adequate sleep can play a crucial role in aiding your effort to conquer your cravings.
  • Studies have shown that often we may fail to differentiate between thirst and appetite. So try drinking a glass of water, the next time you have a strong craving.

Always remember fad diets and fasting is not the solution to a weight loss program. It is important that the weight management program be consistent with your dietary practices and exercise regimen. A healthy body is a reflection of a healthy mind.

Have A Bowl of Salad Daily and Ensure that you Exercise At Least Thrice A week


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      stephen kalu 6 years ago from Nigeria

      very nice hub i must comment on your ability to come up with a hub like this.