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Stomach Bugs : What You Can Do About Stomach Bugs

Updated on April 5, 2015

Stomach Bugs

Are you experiencing the symptoms of stomach bugs? Stomach bugs are hard and very painful feelings that happen to be in the whole of your middle section area. When they strike, stomach bugs happen in all of a sudden. It can cause nausia and severe pain. Generally, everyone responds to stomach bugs very differently. If you think that you are affected by stomach bugs, you should seek medical help to rule out any sickness or disease that might be plaguing you.

The doctors might prescribe you with some medicine to ease your discomfort. In general, you will be given pain reliever pills which will help you to cope with the pain. Although pain reliever would not totally get rid of all the pains that you are experiencing, it could at least help to reduce the pain to a more bearable level.

Stomach Bugs
Stomach Bugs

How To Rid Stomach Bugs

Additionally, as with any kind of sickness with vomiting and diarrhea, you might be dehydrated. As such, you should drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and if possible, consume drinks with electrolytes would be even better. You might want to try sipping the drinks slowly over a period of time if you can take it all in one go.

Taking probiotic supplements can also help your stomach during these times. Preferably look for probiotics that contains at least 10 billion live bacteria in each dose. These good bacteria helps to keep your gut healthy by fighting off the bad bacteria that causes infection.

Rest Well

Also, take a good rest and call in sick if you are on duty. Resting and sleeping is very important as it is the natural way of the body healing itself. Having good rest ensures that the body is strong enough to defend itself against the stomach bugs.


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    • profile image

      rebecca louise 5 years ago

      my whole house has he sickness bug apar from me, iv had the cramps and feeling sick for the past 3 days but i havn actualy been sick. Does anybody know what's going on?

    • profile image

      welly 6 years ago

      thank you ive not been feeling well for the last week or so

    • profile image

      callum 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this info. Found that drinks with electrolytes do help and i actually managed to keep it down! The drink Gatorade worked well for me because it gave me some energy and kept me hydrated.

    • profile image

      emma 7 years ago

      i found this information usful i get very very bad stomach bugs

    • profile image

      alisha 7 years ago

      ive been throwing up too

    • Gorgeously profile image

      April Treme 8 years ago from United States

      This hub is interesting. Thank you for sharing this information...