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Stop Hot Flashes Today - 6 Cool Tips without Drugs

Updated on June 13, 2011

Stop hot flashes before they even start? That is a dream millions of menopausal women worldwide want happen. Described as a swift and passing feeling of uncomfortable warmth, they are an obvious symptom of menopause, and unfortunately also one of the most troublesome.

When a hot flash strikes, sudden waves of heat make their way up from your waist to your face, with skin temperature rising as high as six degrees centigrade. The pulse races, skin reddens and then drenching sweats occur. It often causes headaches, dizziness, and sleeplessness. A severe episode can be frightening, leaving you in a state of panic as well.

Many women want to stop hot flashes. This is not only because the discomforts they're enduring, but also because the significant deterioration of their life qualities. Although the intensity and frequency vary from woman to woman, they can last up to 30 minutes and occur several times a day. This interrupts your day and greatly disrupts your daily activities.

The worst part is that they embarrass you in front of family and friends. People without such experience just don't understand how bad they can be. They act like the symptoms you are experiencing are in your head.

6 Cool Tips to Stop Hot Flashes

Cool Tips to Stop Hot Flashes
Cool Tips to Stop Hot Flashes

You can prevent hot flashes without taking pills. Simple lifestyle changes aid to reduce the frequency, duration and severity of a hot flash. Everything from the clothes you wear, your diet to how you breathe all help to weather those flashes. Don't be at the mercy of your unpredictable hormones. Just follow the safe and easy steps below.

1. Stay in the Cool

External temperature plays a part in the outburst of flashes. The hotter it gets, the more likely you will flare into one. Make your life a bit cooler, and you will be able to stop the hot flashes coming so often.

Don't court trouble going to hot places outdoor. If you must, find some cool spots with a relatively constant temperature. Stay under the shade as much as possible.

When you're in a room, let the fresh air in. Open the windows. Turn on the ceiling fan. Crank up the air conditioning. A slightly chilly room is all you need to lessen the occurrences.

2. Dress Cool

A little wardrobe planning enables you to dress in style yet comfortably to stop hot flashes going into overdrive. The main key here is to dress in layers like having a blouse over a tank top. When a hot flash strikes, you can readily drop the outer layer in a jiffy to cool off yourself.

Tight fitting clothes are a bad idea. They trap your body heat and restrict air circulation. Forget about stockings. Think capri pants. Better still, go for roomy and loose fitting clothes.

The materials of your clothing is important too. Natural fabrics such as cotton are good. So are those new quick-dry fabrics that absorb your sweat.

3. Let's Drink to That

Water is the coolant your body needs to regulate its temperature. It assists the body to function properly. When your body is always on the verge of overheating, sufficient water is paramount. Get into the water glass habit to rid of hot flashes.

Keep a glass of water within easy reach for a sip every so often. Waiting till you feel thirsty is too late to stop the hot flashes from striking. When one does strike, a glass of chilled water aids to relieve its effects and replenishes the loss from the sweat.

4. We'll Work It Out

There is a correlation between exercise and hot flash relief. Active women report fewer and less severe cases. Doesn't matter whether it's walking, swimming, dancing, or bicycling. A 30 minutes routine 3-5 times a week works wonder. Don't over do it though. Very strenuous exercise actually flare up some women.

5. Watch That Diet

Spices like cayenne, ginger, and pepper are bad news for menopausal women. These flash makers can quickly heat up your body. Go easy on these and other spicy hot dishes. Perhaps even abstain from them.

Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks are also known triggers. Red wine, beer, coffee, black tea, cola, and chocolate are some examples. They aren't the only ones to avoid. You can stop hot flashes by paying attention to other stimulants that trip your flash button.

6. Relax, Take a Deep Breath

Hot flash likes stress. So learn to relax with yoga, meditation, or such like. At the least, master the breathing techniques taught in these activities. They can effectively reduce your hot flash frequency by half.

Practice deep, rhythmic abdominal breathing ahead of time. All you need is 15 minutes each in the morning and evening. It will come more naturally during the stress and embarrassment of an episode. Relax, and let your deep breathing shorten and make the hot flash milder.

The lifestyle changes suggested here can help stop hot flashes from dictating your life. They are risk free with no side effects of the drugs. You just need a strong mind and a positive thinking to make the changes in your life.

Should you forfeit other solutions? No. Hot flashes are a complicated and very individual health issue. Seek out additional guidance on efficacious remedies where necessary. A combination of approaches is probably more effective than lifestyle changes alone. It will be well worth the efforts once you take back the control of your life after stopping the annoying hot flashes.


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    • JeannaM profile image

      JeannaM 6 years ago

      #4 is so true. I had a hard time believing it until I incorporated it into may daily activities.

      great hub!