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Quit Smoking

Updated on September 21, 2009

quit smoking

Quit Smoking for your loved ones

Many people think that quitting smoking for there loved ones and not for their selves is the wrong reason to quit smoking. However, when one stops to think of the concept they discover an interesting fact the fact is the smoker is not the only person harmed by the smoking.

The first way a loved one is affected is the knowledge of harm the smoker is inflicting upon his or her self. A helpless feeling comes over the loved ones because try as they may they cannot make the smoker stop. All too often family members must watch as the smokers health deteriorates to the point of serious health issues, chronic bronchitis, asthma, or even cancer.

This is hard for a family to bare and wittiness however only the smoker can keep this ordeal from occurring. Only the smoker has the power to quit smoking. Therefore, this causes added pressure and often guilt on the smokers' behalf and still the smoker cannot quit. Non-smokers and family members do not know what a smoking addiction is like or what a smokers deals with daily.

Then there is the fact that the smoker puts the health of his family and friends at risk. By the second hand smoke from the smokers cigarettes studies show that the smoke from cigarettes are as harmful to non-smokers as the actual smoking. Breathing the smoke can also cause asthma, bronchitis, and in some cases from over exposure to cigarettes, cancer will develop in a non-smoker. This adds even more pressure to the smoker knowing he or she is also endangering the health of their loved ones.

Wife's, husbands, children, other family members and even the smokers' closest friends all become at risk because of the smoker or the smoke. The fact is that even though the smoker is aware of the information the addiction is too strong to overcome.

Therefore what can be done to stop the smoker from being addicted to the Nicotine, Nicotine is a powerful drug once the body becomes used to the nicotine intake from the cigarettes it is difficult to break the addiction. However, it is possible to break the addiction the smoker must find a way of detoxifying his or her body.

When the body rids itself of the nicotine, it can begin to heal and be free of the drug medications now available help smokers to rid the body of the nicotine. Once this is done the smoker is less likely to crave the nicotine and begin the smoking again. Smokers need help this task is hard to accomplish on ones own and trying to quit on ones own will result in failure.

The medications also help smokers with the cravings that come from quitting smoking.

Within usually a month or two, the smoker is smoke free and the body is nicotine free. Then the body will repair itself of the damage caused from the smoking cigarettes. Lungs begin to clear, the person will breath easier and not become short of breath, if they have asthma because of the smoking it may even begin to clear and not occur as often. The ex-smoker is on the right path and smoke free, and family and loved ones are content. For more information on quitting smoking read the articles here.

How to Quit Smoking

It's tough to give up smoking. But thanks to inner will power and outside help, more than 47 million Americans have quit smoking for good. If you're committed to kicking the butt, you can get help in the form of medicines, self-help information and counseling services. Since you'll have to deal with the mental and physical implications of quitting, you might like to thoroughly prepare yourself mentally and strengthen your resolve to quit. Though there's no one single way of quitting, it's important to formulate a plan with strategies and dates. And stick to it...

Deciding on a quitting date is a vital step. Mark it on your calendar and inform your family, friends and colleagues, so you can enlist their support when you get weak and feel like giving in to the cravings. Make sure to throw away cigarettes and ashtrays before your Quit Day, or you'll just make things more difficult for yourself. Imagine having a cigarette ready at hand when you're dying for a smoke! Buy as many substitutes you may need, from chewing gum to candy, carrots to toothpicks.

Remember, quitting is a lot about proper planning and a strong commitment. Figure out your plan. Are you going to take nicotine replacements? Do you plan on joining a smoking cessation class? Have you stocked up on self-help information? Decide on a combination of these steps that best suit your lifestyle. Enlist the help of someone who has successfully managed to quit smoking. There's nothing more helpful than tapping into his/her knowledge since he/she knows how to deal with those terrible withdrawals.

Keep away from people who smoke or request them not to when you're around. Understand which situations trigger the urge to smoke and learn how to overcome or avoid them. Exercise or join a gym to get those endorphins released into your body! Another good idea is to equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible. You can try reading 'The Ultimate Guide to Quitting Permanently' to find out more about the temptations that might come your way and strategies to deal with them. Make sure to start a nicotine replacement therapy if that's part of your Quitting Plan. It can reduce a large part of your physical withdrawals. But the worst part of quitting is the mental aspect. Your daily activities are probably so intricately linked to smoking, that you'll have start disassociating places and actions from the act of smoking.

Make sure to incorporate steps that deal with both the physical and psychological aspects of quitting smoking while formulating your plan. When the urge to light up becomes very strong try breathing deeply or delay gratification by 10 minutes. Hopefully, this'll take you past the strong urge and get you back on an even keel... Also, celebrate each victory over the butt! One day down, celebrate! One week later, another celebration! This really helps since it gives you something to look forward to and strengthens your resolve to quit. Go for it! You can do it!

Quit Smoking for Your Health

Smoking can be very bad for ones health in many ways. It is proven that smoking is one of the hardest addictions to get rid of in the world that we live in today. Many people like you wish they could quit smoking for good, but every time someone attempts to quit smoking, they always pick the habit up again in a shot period. However if you have family members that smoke, then kicking the habit of smoking can be very hard for you.

This addiction is unlike any other, kicking the habit of drinking beer or doing drugs is easy compared to smoking. One reason is because anyone that is eighteen years of age can buy cigarettes, where as a person has to be twenty one to purchase beer. Although doing drugs can land, you in jail doing hard time, so therefore many people pick up the habit of smoking, because it is not illegal to smoke.

There are many different chemicals in cigarettes, the main chemicals in cigarettes is nicotine. Nicotine stimulates the body giving the smoker a sudden boost of adrenaline. This is why you will see many people smoke a cigarette instead of eating anything. One reason is when someone is on the job, that person would rather smoke a cigarette to hold him or her over until lunch.

Many people that try to quit one addiction always end up replacing that addiction with something else. Let's say for instance, a person has been drinking for many years, and suddenly loses control of their vehicle. Many times a person will walk away from something of this nature, and many times, they will not. For the ones that are able to walk away, they suddenly realize that drinking is not the answer to all of their problems. In fact drinking can add more gas to the fire so to speak.

So therefore, the individual will quit drinking cold turkey. Next thing you know, you will see them lighting up a cigarette. This happens because after giving up on habit, the individual will turn to another habit. Quitting smoking is the single most important thing you can do to keep your body healthy. Many people have tried to keep themselves from certain risks of heart attach, and lung cancer by quitting smoking.

So deciding to quit smoking now will give you a better chance at living a healthier life. Quitting smoking is not an easy process, smoking is the most addicting habit to get into and it is almost impossible to quit. The only way that someone is going to quit smoking is if that person honestly and truly wants to quit smoking.

There are many ways to quit smoking, many people that have smoked cigarettes for many years, just quit buying cigarettes all-together this is one way to kick the habit of smoking cigarettes, also many smokers will chew nicotine gum to help with their cravings. However, the gum will cause mouth irritation just like snuff or chewing tobacco. Therefore, if you decide that smoking is not for you then maybe you will be able to kick the habit as well.

For your immediate health click here for more information on quitting smoking.


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