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2 Things That Could Be Stopping You From Becoming A Superhero

Updated on May 19, 2016
Illustration by Jeff 'Wizard of Draws' Bucchino at Cartoon Clip Art
Illustration by Jeff 'Wizard of Draws' Bucchino at Cartoon Clip Art | Source

Let's face it, life is full of relationship dramas and breakups, grief, shock, failures, emotional traumas and the list goes on. Fathers suffer from the loss of their kids in a breakup. Women suffer from domestic violence. We all suffer when there is a loss close to us.

I know, I've been through times when I strugged to go on. You too?

And where is the help when you most need it? Who really understands?

At a time of my worst health problems due to such life issues - mental, physical and emotional - when my whole life came to a hault, the best the medical profession could offer was a diagnosis of 'anxiety' with a prescription drug and counselling (with him, naturally). I walked out.

I felt abandoned even by those who you think are there to help.

Now, having survived all that life has thrown at me - so far - and I'm sure just about everyone can relate to what I'm saying , I want to look at what I've learned about the solution, something we all have W-I-T-H-I-N, something we can really have when we most need it ...

Superhuman powers should not be confused with Supernatural powers. They're not the same thing.

A natural history of superhuman powers

My non-fiction book about life


Secret #1: Life is an adventure - don't miss it

As human beings we all seem to be searching for the meaning of life.

Why are we here?

Is there any purpose to my life?

What am I meant to be doing with my life?

I'm nobody special so what can I do that's at all meaningful?

I get up, work, go home, watch television, go to bed. What more is there I can do?

With such thoughts we overlook one important rule of life, a purpose we seem to overlook in our search for something more meaningful and, perhaps, mystical.

Our life is meant to be an adventure.

And all of those difficulties we encounter along the way, stumbling blocks that trip up up and keep us from the things we seek - like wealth or happiness - are in fact invitations to the adventure that will lead us on to bigger and better things. If only we knew it and believed it.

If you like they are challenges, goading us into some kind of response, not an invitation to become depressed and feeling that all is lost.

We think we are the victim and, if that's what we believe, then that's what we will be.

I and my one-man business were declared bankrupt.

Surely a time to be glum and believe that my life was over, that I had failed.

And a part of me did go through all of that kind of thinking, of regret and self recrimination.

Another part of me sensed a tiny spark of hope inside of me, something urging me on, telling me that there was still a tiny spark of life left inside of me.

I dared to start thinking, okay, now I can do anything.


And I did.

It took 5 years living alone, broke and homeless, living in a friend's old caravan outside their home in a small country town in the Australian bush.

A few small steps at a time, steps that cost me nothing and required no impossible action from a man who had no money, no home, no car, no hope.

Those small steps opened up in time, in ways I could not have imagined, as if they had a life of their own, leading to the start of a new life and a new me.

I had no idea what I was doing, but I responded to the invitation to the adventure.

My true romantic paranormal historical mystery adventure


Secret #2: Discover your life's purpose - and follow it

We are all born with a purpose.

At some time we are shocked, stunned, pushed into the starting point to achieve that purpose. If we catch on to what is going on.

Most of us don't catch on.

It has been given different names. Napoleon hill in his bestselling book 'Think & Grow Rich' called it our Definite Major Purpose.

Oprah referred to it.

Jungian psychologist and university lecturer James Hillman called it the acorn theory, the acorn like us has inside the seed a knowledge that it is an acorn tree, just as we know what we are meant to become.

Dr Wayne Dyer spoke about it.

Others like Caroline Myss simply call it our destiny.

I think it's what happens when mid-life crisis strikes us, it's that inner knowing telling us it's time to get cracking or it will be too late.

Yet so often - most of the time - we think of these moments in our lives as disasters, accidents, stumbling blocks put in our path to trip us up.

The secret is that ask, what is this episode trying to tell me?

And that is what will turn us into supermen or superwomen.

Heroes of our own story.

Check whether you are already a hero

Do you feel you have changed difficult times in your life into superhero acts?

See results

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      4 years ago

      I can as I am.....:)

    • najem lm profile image

      najem lm 

      6 years ago

      I did not know that I can have also superhuman powers :) nice to know that.


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