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Survival Rates for Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

Updated on January 2, 2013

Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

survival rates for stage 4 ovarian cancer will depend on whether other organs have been affected.
survival rates for stage 4 ovarian cancer will depend on whether other organs have been affected. | Source

Ovarian cancer is one of the most common cancers among women. When one is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the chances of surviving beyond a certain amount of time are largely dependent on the stage at which the cancer was diagnosed. Survival rates for stage 4 ovarian cancer are generally lower. However, this doesn't mean that one will not make it but rather specialized treatment and greater care is needed on the patient.

Early Diagnosis is the Key

It is important for ovarian cancer to be diagnosed early. People with family history of either breast cancer or ovarian cancer should go for regular checkups. Older women are also at greater risk especially after menopause. Some of the symptoms associated with ovarian cancer are consistent pelvic pains, increased tummy size, bloating and feeling full even after eating small amounts of food. However these symptoms are not specific to ovarian cancer and hence, an earlier stages of the disease is likely to be missed. When the patient gets to stage 4, the survival rates will significantly be lowered.

Survival Rates for Ovarian Cancer Stage 4

In the case of the statistics that doctors and other medical specialists associate with the survival rates for stage 4 ovarian cancers, it should be known that these are just averages and means taken from a sample of many people in different populations. Many people have lived for much longer than the numbers suggested. So I advise all patients to pay no attention to these figures. At stage 4, ability to fight off and live longer with the cancer will greatly depend on the attitude of the patient to fight on. If they keep on losing hope due to the survival rates figures, then they will have no energy needed to take chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Stage 4 ovarian cancer is the most advanced stage. In most cases, at this the cancer will usually have spread to other organs in the body. This complicates the management of the disease.

Improving Survival Rates for Stage 4 Ovarian cancer

For improved survival rates for stage 4 ovarian cancer, one should find the best medical center from where to receive treatment. This should be where the patient is comfortable and feels that the doctors really understand what they are ailing from. Diet is also an important aspect of management of any disease. There are many anti-cancer foods though their effectiveness is not yet known. Leading a quality life is also important. Feeling at ease and avoiding stress has been shown to prolong the lifespan of patients.

Statistics for Survival Rates Among Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Patients

Survival rates for stage 4 ovarian cancer will vary depending on age of the patient. Younger patients will generally have higher chances of living longer than older patients. It will also depend on how far the ovarian cancer had spread. If vital organs such as the liver and the lungs have been affected then the survival rates will be lower. But as we had previously observed, no statistics can tell you what will happen to you. Your cancer is unique. For example, the same type of cancer can grow at different rates in different people. The statistics are not detailed enough to tell you about the different treatments people may have had and how that treatment may have affected their outlook. Many individual factors will affect your treatment and prognosis thus having different survival rates for stage 4 ovarian cancer patients.

survivor of Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer tells her Story


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