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Teeth Whitening Bleach Should Be The Best Solution For Your Colored Teeth

Updated on June 11, 2013

A great smile is what makes you stand out from the crowd and it is indeed the first impression that people will notice when seeing one. In order to craft a smile confidently, one must have to have a pair of white teeth, else it would be different if not. Some people scare to smile due to the fact that their teeth have turned yellowish or brownish and which definitely wouldn’t make a white smile. So what can be done in such conditions?

Teeth whitening bleach is a great method that one can use to clean and get rid of the brownish or yellowish layer off the teeth. Many people have used this medium to restore their teeth back to white easily and without any problem. There are few things that can stain and cause the teeth to turn dull. Caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee and cigarettes can stain the teeth to a large extent, not to mention that they also dull the natural color of the teeth. Before start using a teeth whitening bleach, you should make sure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day (most people don’t) or better do it after every time you eat.

Teeth Whitening Bleach
Teeth Whitening Bleach

Depending on your budget and need, there are few bleaching methods that you can use to whiten your teeth: natural bleaching, bleaching strips, bleaching pen and laser bleaching. The most common ingredient that is found in bleaching agents is ‘carbamide peroxide’. Such oxidizing agents penetrate the enamel part of the teeth and remove the stains that stick on it. If you use this bleaching agent regularly, you might also get rid of the dirt that present in the dentin layer. However, be careful not to swallow it as it might bring harm to your body.

An effective method that you can use to get rid of the stains in the dentin layer is the power bleaching. If you have the money to spend, do consider also laser bleaching; it is not only fast but also effective comparing to other home method. A laser bleaching process is done by applying strong bleaching agent onto the teeth before exposing them to a laser light. After a period of about fifteen minutes, the bleach will be removed by the dentist in-charged. You can notice the difference only after a few session of laser bleaching. Again, this might cost you few thousand of dollars for the compete course.

Teeth Whitening Bleach Home Kit

If you don’t have the budget, you can always opt for teeth whitening bleach kits that can be bought from almost all drug stores and supermarkets. There are two types of bleaching gels that you can choose from: the high concentration gel and the low concentration gel. High concentration gel is very easy to use and all you need to do is apply the bleach onto your teeth by using plastic trays. Leave the bleach on your teeth for fifteen to twenty minutes every day and depending on your condition, you should start seeing the result in a matter of few weeks.

Low concentration bleach on the other hand is not as effective as the high concentration bleach. Low concentration bleach can also be applied to the teeth with using plastic trays. However, you would need to keep the tray on for several hours a day which is quite tiresome for the mouth to bear.

Most dentists recommend that you should apply the bleach to your teeth for at least five to seven hours a day and for at least two weeks at a stretch. This way, it would help removing the dark layer of plaque in the enamel more effectively.

Teeth whitening bleach is the most common method to clean and whiten your teeth. Getting the do it yourself home kits is very cost effective but they might take longer time to show the result. Contrarily, laser whitening bleach is faster but it might burn a hole in your pocket. Whatever method that you choose, you should be able to regain your white smile back.


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    mack bill123 6 years ago

    Teeth bleaching gels,leaser teeth bleaching and so other bleaching techniques are solution of yellowish and discolor of teeth.All of these technique, which is suit able for us.Thanks for providing this.