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Options for Teeth Whitening Bleaching

Updated on June 11, 2013

Every toothpaste and other tooth related items commercial ads that you see on the TV always promote the benefits of getting the perfect white teeth. And due to the intense marketing campaign that these companies use, it is no wonder why more people are realizing the wonder of having whiter teeth. Well, everybody loves to have the perfect white smile but if you just rely on the daily toothpaste (regardless the brands) that you use, you won’t be reaching there.

One of the several options that you can use to whitening your teeth is none other than teeth whitening bleaching. There are a lot of reasons that can cause the teeth turn yellowish and these include smoking, drinking lots of tea and coffee, aging and etc. However, one of the culprit of all is not taking good care enough of your teeth.

Teeth whitening bleaching have been used for many years now and due to its effectiveness, more and more people are now going into it. So due to the increasing of demands and different needs, there are now many ways that people can pursue to whitening their teeth. These methods can be grouped into two main categories:

A) Teeth Whitening Bleaching Kits

Teeth Whitening Bleaching
Teeth Whitening Bleaching

Bleaching kits are products that you can buy from your local drug stores or supermarket and do it at home. These types of products typically consist of whitening gels that you can apply to your teeth with the supplied plastic trays. To achieve the result that you want, it is highly recommended that you must follow the exact instructions that come with it. You have to abide by the necessary amount and time that are determined in the kits.

For better result and effectiveness, don’t always go with the cheaper ones. Have a budget of $500 as the minimum for the whole course that you are going to do. There are few brands in this category and you should be able to find them in the pharmacy. To get more information, you can also research it through the internet. For kits that come under $100, they might contain ingredients that might not work as well as the expensive counterpart. So it might take you longer to achieve the result that you want.

Before proceeding with your purchase, always take a look at the labels first. Make sure that it contains the American Dental Association seal of approval, else don’t buy. Products that are not tested or approved might bring harm to your health in the long run.

Lastly, always follow the directions as outlined in the product and for safety reason, never use the dosage beyond the requirement. In case if you have any queries, consult with your dentist, they will definitely be able to help you in your teeth whitening bleaching journey.

B) Teeth Whitening Bleaching by Dentists

This is by far the most effective method of teeth bleaching; the whole process is done by a dentist and so you can rest assured that everything will be done in the exact correct way.

Before actually proceeding with this method, the dentist will do an overall check on your teeth to determine whether you really need to do the whitening course. If there is a need, then he will suggest to you which kind of teeth bleaching that works best. The most common one is laser bleaching which is quite expensive.

The dentist will then explain to you what you can expect from the recommended method. Each and every bleaching session varies from case to case and your dentist will tell you how the progress will be for each session.

Once you have agreed with the bleaching treatment, the dental professional will first have to cleanse your teeth and any cavities will be filled in. The teeth whitening bleaching process will start once everything is done and that he is sure that your gums are as healthy as can be.


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    Igal 6 years ago from Los angeles

    This hub provide detail knowledge of dental bleaching treatment and their products.Nice information on this hub.