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The Missing Link - Lymph, Depression and Mental "Illness"

Updated on September 11, 2015

Science Discovers NEW Lymph vessels

It has been a discovery that rocked the world and yet felt a little "we should have known this!"

Two wonderful medical scientists, Drs. Antoine Louveau and Jonathan Kipnis of the University of Virginia School of Medicine, recently discovered the lymph network of the brain, cleverly hidden in the meninges of the brain. It does of course make sense that where the rest of the body has both an arterial system and a lymphatic system, the brain would have both too, being one of the most important organs we have!

White Blood Cell Hunting Down an Unwanted Microbe

What Does this mean to the Common Man?

So to truly understand the power of this discovery, you need to understand a little about lymph and the body in general. The lymphatic system is like the filtration system of the body and yes, it links into the liver too!

The lymphatic system works alongside the blood circulation system to remove impurities. It houses many of the white blood cells or leukocytes, whose sole job is to engulf unwanted microbes, bacteria, viruses etc and destroy them, then filter out the fluids, or waters in your body and return the purified waters to the circulation system. the debris gets transported to the liver and flushed.

Like any filtration system, it can only be truly effective if the filters are kept clean. In your body, this means that the system needs constant flushing and clean water.

So, now that we know that this exact same filtration system works in the brain, it makes sense that if you are dehydrated or ingesting the wrong kinds of fluids, your lymph system is stagnant and cloudy, full of toxins that can't be cleared out of your your brain will reflect this state of congestion and imbalance too!

Let's Be Clear

I am not suggesting you throw out your medications, I am suggesting that you can improve your health by boosting your lymph drainage and helping your body work at its optimum.

your brain is basically electricity being transmitted in water by dendrites. It therefore makes sense, the clearer the water, the better the transmission!

How to Support Your Lymphatic System

Your lymph flows AGAINST gravity, towards your heart. You have nodes in your neck, axilla (armpits) and groin. To help keep your lymph flowing and detox your system, I suggest the following:

1. Drink clean water daily (30mls per kg of bodyweight)

2. Lie with your legs up against a wall for 15 minutes twice a week or more to help the lymph drain towards your heart - it also takes some strain off your heart so its a great little trick!

3. Use a body brush and dry brush your body before you shower and / or in the morning. Small circular motions will do the trick

4. Go for a lymph drain massage at least once a quarter to really boost those glands productivity. Add a BodyTalk session if you can - most practitioners are trained in lymph drainage.

5. Support your white blood cells by taking a good multivitamin and sufficient vitamin C as its a wonderful antioxidant.

Dry Brushing Instruction Videa


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    • Glowfaerie profile imageAUTHOR

      Candice Jules 

      3 years ago from Wokingham, United Kingdom

      So please Lipnancy! Nothing worse than reading more of what you already know!

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      3 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      Body Brushing - I learned something totally new.


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