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The top 5 exercises for increasing tricep mass

Updated on November 2, 2012

Increase Mass of triceps


The 5 best exercises to increase mass and power of triceps

Explosive triceps, are half the key to that killer punch your looking for. Whether its for looks or power you will be working out the much larger muscle in your arms. Many people think the bicep is the truly important muscle in the arm. These people would be completely incorrect. That muscle is actually more like the show off muscle. The tricep is actually two thirds of your arm and actually is what you use when preforming most actions. In order to make your triceps a dominant force it is imperative to do a specific 5 exercises. Once you've piled the size and mass on that you are looking for the same work outs can be used to get those triceps ripped. Now remember that these 5 exercises are not easy but truly effective in increasing the mass of your triceps.

The first exercise we will discuss is the tricep pull down with a v bar. Heavy weight is necessary for this exercise and remember keep your elbows in. This means keep them near your sides when doing this exercise. 25 reps for your first set, 20 for your second and 15 for your third. When you bring the bar up only go to where your arms make a L shape. Do not go any higher.

Tricep exercise 1

Exercise 1
Exercise 1 | Source

The 5 best exercises to increase mass and power of triceps

The next exercise will be the tricep rope pull down. At this point you will want to lower the weight. When preforming this pull down you want pull and let your arms expand out. On your way up let your arms come back together. Consistently go in and out as you go up and down. It'll be targeting a different section of the tricep then the V pull down, it'll hit more of the side of the tricep. do three sets of 15-20.

Tricep exercise 2


The 5 best exercises to increase mass and power of triceps

Next your going to set up a single grip pulley on the pull down machine. Instead of doing a regular pull down motion you your going to reverse your grip on the pulley. only one set in each hand of regular grip, 25 reps each. Now do two sets in each hand of reverse grip and do 20 reps for both sets for both arms.

exercise 3


The 5 best exercises to increase mass and power of triceps

Now for the fourth exercise you are going to do 4 sets total. First you are going to grab a dumbbell and with two hand lift it behind your head. go up and down while keeping your elbows in. At this point your probably feeling fatigue but try to muscle through it. After you've done two sets of 16 reps, move on to a dumbbell half the size. Do 12 reps in each arms for two sets a piece. Now once completed your almost done.

Exercise 4


The 5 best exercises to increase mass and power of triceps

Your final exercise will be an endurance and stamina based finisher. You are going to burn yourself out with dips, to send a shock to the heavy lifting system. It'll confuse the triceps, and burn them out for an extreme mass gain with a little bit of toning. the goal is to do as many as possible if you can only do around twenty do three sets. If you can do fifty do two sets. If you can do more just burn out.

Exercise 5



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    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 5 years ago from north miami FL

      Thank you, I appreciate the kindness. Get ready to work out those triceps.

    • Carrot dogs profile image

      Carrot dogs 5 years ago from Cambridgeshire

      Great Hub :) and it's a Triceps day today!