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Good Habits Die Every Minute You Don't Read This Article

Updated on January 21, 2021

Are your habits leading you to where you want and achieve what you need or are they stopping and slowing you down to achieve that goal? You need to differentiate between a good and bad habit to achieve growth. Good habits like reading daily will not only make you smart but also improve your IQ.

Do you have the right kind of habits or the wrong kind of habits? Do you have good or bad habits? Do you need to develop new habits to replace the bad habits?

Habit development or nurturing isn’t rocket science or as complicated as you think. The same way you got that bad habit is the same way to have that good habit.

Do you want to be successful? Then you got to have the right habits that will lead you to that success.

Your habits are a reflection of you the individual whether you are passionate about something or are trying to achieve a certain goal. These habits can be differentiation on whether you will succeed or fail.

How likely are you to develop the habit of exercising in the morning if you watch television too much in the same morning? You have to get rid of one habit for the greater good, yeah it will take time and it won’t be easy.

But you should be working on your personal development for a much better and greater life.

For instance you want to develop a reading habit, for this habit to become part of you, set and plan out time when you’ll dedicate to reading. Read every day and you have an important and crucial habit to success.

According to Psychology Today, as it turns out, taking action is a key step in developing a new habit. You cannot think your way into one, but many people try to do just that.

For habit development you don't need some grand system for good habits to be part of you. All you need is one simple word, repetition more specifically thorough repetition.

So repeat everyday what you are doing and in a matter of time you will become an expert at it. Your bad habit didn’t just happen, you unknowingly did it every day or repeated it and you now spend too much of your time on the television.

As Mind of Habit explains, when creating any habit there is a process to follow. If you follow this process any good habit you want will become part of your routine.

A study on the psychology of "habit-formation" published in 2012 by The British Journal of General Practice found that habit formation is reasonably simple. Repeat an action consistently in the same context until it becomes automatic.

Perform the desired actions consistently for 10 weeks, and the behaviour will become easier and eventually, automatic according to Thrive Global.

Good habits requires your dedication, discipline and repetition to develop, it equals the same thing you do every day that is sleep, eat and repeat.

It fairly straightforward but you seems to be having a hard time of habit development. Your bad habits are developed the same way such as being addicted to your smartphone, television or drugs.

You didn’t wake up one day addicted to these things, it gradually happened due to your constant repetition day by day. But what if that same repetition was used and utilized to nurture a good habit that you will have it for a lifetime for instance exercising or reading.

Your bad habits have taken years to establish themselves. You're not going to throw them off in an instant. Decide on a realistic schedule that will work for you based on goals that you believe you can meet.

Overcoming your sedentary lifestyle is a good example of how you can proceed through this step. In the first place, don't think that you can readily go from zero days of exercise a week to seven.

You'll be bound to fail and then use your failure as proof that you can't change. Instead, work out a schedule of times to go to the gym or on a run that will readily fit into your existing schedule. Therefore set reasonable goals at first according to Psychology Today

You will love and appreciate yourself for doing such a great thing for yourself. What you are doing is investing in you first. Repetition can be a big differentiation is utilized well with a long term goal in mind.

Just repeat what you are doing everyday and in a matter of time it will be instinctive to do. It will become automatic and be part of your comfort zone thereby good habits are developed.

Then use repetition to your advantage by taking any kind of good habit that you wish to have like exercising. Start small for instance 10 push-ups at first and slowly do more, in a matter of time doing 100 push-ups will be easy.

Your excuses on not having that kind of habit don’t matter here because you have the best ingredient ever. You now have no excuse to not being successful at reading and finishing that book by the end of the month. This can be equal to being consistent or consistency.

Repetition is the key to ultimate good habit development.


Good habits are actually quite easy to have them ingrained into you. It will take of course time, dedication and effort from you but it’s worth all that. You just have to repeat it daily, show up every day and do the habit.

But repetition does not mean that you blindly do that habit without assessing yourself. Repeat and learn, if something didn’t work try another thing without fear, self-doubt and don’t give up.

If you used repetition to become an expert at complaining constantly, then reading some life changing books will be easy enough. You can do it and all you will have to do is just repeat it. Your constant repetition is the masters here that will lead you to that goal or championship.

Have you used repetition to nurture that habit? Do you know of any other ways on how to develop any kind of habit that I haven’t mentioned?

If so then do share and tell in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you. Also share this with your friends and family, sharing is caring.

To your success.

-Michael Kamenya


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