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Help For Tired, Stinky Feet

Updated on February 16, 2018

How You Can Help Those Tired, Stinky Feet

Your feet have a lot of work to do and you will need them all of your life - so, take care of them.
A little pampering can go a long way.

What can you do for those tired, toxic tootsies?
For a few tips that can help to give your feet some relief and comfort, see the following simple and natural solutions that you can try in your own home.
For a fun spa day with the girls, you can plan a pamper your feet party using the ideas in the next few sections.

How To Care For Your Feet

First thing's first, keep them clean by changing your socks often.
Also, try to wear natural fiber socks if you can to allow your feet to get good airflow and have less irritation.

Whenever you wash your feet or take a bath or shower, make sure to dry your feet thoroughly - especially between your toes.

Also try to wear a different pair of shoes every other day to give your shoes a chance to air out.

All natural bath salt teas to scent your bath or treat your feet in a foot bath
All natural bath salt teas to scent your bath or treat your feet in a foot bath

Pamper Your Feet

For a special treat, give your feet a nice soak in a warm foot bath (a basin or bowl big enough to allow your feet to rest on the bottom - comfortable is good) with salts and herbs...

Try this:
To about a gallon of warm water, add a ½ cup of Epsom salts, 1 ounce of milk, 1 Tablespoon of sea salt, 1 Tablespoon of oatmeal, 1 teaspoon of baking soda or citric acid, a handful of fresh thyme, a fresh rosemary sprig, a tablespoon of lavender buds, a teaspoon of fresh peppermint leaves

Or, you can just get some Luxurious All Natural Bath Salt Teas that come in a reusable or compostable cotton muslin bag online at OrganicGiftsByDiana at eCrater and at local Gift Shop in Hubbard, Ohio as well.

naturally scented shoe sachets to help keep shoes smelling fresh
naturally scented shoe sachets to help keep shoes smelling fresh

Keep Your Shoes Smelling Fresh

Clean, fresh feet are only half of the battle.
After you have addressed the problem at the source, you can make some shoe sachets to keep things smelling fresh. You can use any dried herb or flower that you like inside of the sachet to give off a mild scent when used. Also, add quite a bit of cotton or other fiber fill to help the sachet hold the form of the shoes. A little give to them is needed so that they can be pushed in to the shoes easily.
Folks love these to keep in their shoes while they are stored in the closet, at the office where they keep an extra pair, and at the gym or spa to freshen their dress shoes to be ready for them when they are done working out.
Shoe sachets not only help shoes to stay fresher smelling and can help the shoes to hold their shape a little better, but they can also lend a fresh scent to your closet or locker as well.

Or, you could just get some here All Natural Shoe Sachets to keep your shoes smelling fresh too.

These Shoe Sachets are minty fresh as they contain freshly dried, real chemical-free peppermint from my own organic gardens and peppermint essential oil - they also have some fiberfill in them too to make them squishable so they can be made to fit into most shoes.

*For best results, Please read the directions before using.
Make sure that there is no standing sweat in the shoes and wipe them out first before inserting the shoe sachets.
To use a pair of these shoe sachets, just spread your shoes open as wide as you can and insert the sachet and let it freshen the shoes until you wear them again.

After a while, you will need to give your shoe sachet a gentle squeeze to release more of the essential oil from the dried peppermint leaves inside.

You can also do this whenever you want or need an extra scent boost.

Now That Your Feet Smell Sweet, Give Them a Pampering Treat

Try all natural body balm as it can help seal in your skin's natural moisture.

These all natural body balms are loved for dry elbows and knees... But, they are especially appreciated as foot balms for dry feet and as heel balm for dry heels.

These are best used just before retiring for the evening.

Apply to washed and dried feet and heels... and rub in well. Then put on white cotton (organic if you can) socks to keep your bedding clean.
If you need to walk around while pampering your feet and heels, please wear a pair of non-slip slippers over your socks because socks can be slippery.
In the morning, the balm will be mostly (if not all) soaked in so just give your feet a wipe down if they need it and put on a pair of clean socks and then your shoes - now you're ready for the day and have happier feet and heels... .
*Each time you pamper yourself with all natural body balms, please use a clean and fresh pair of socks (or gloves if pampering your hands).

Aim for good, comfortable shoes that can have style as well

You have to wear shoes for most of your day so pick shoes that are comfortable - or at least don't hurt your feet too badly.

Your feet need solid support during your work day and at play as well.

If you can, wear shoes that allow your feet to breathe. Leather can be a good choice.

And, don't forget to keep your shoes clean - inside and out and to keep a pair of my All-Natural shoe sachets inside whenever you are not wearing them to keep them fresh and to help them keep their shape.

© 2009 Diana Burrell-Shipton


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