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Tools for the Adults in the Evening of Life

Updated on November 19, 2019
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The author is a villager, M.Phil. in Botany, MBA Marketing, a certificate in IPR and farming in South India. Natural farming is his passion.

Ageing is part of life

Dependency or need for assistance is a fact which comes in between independent and private life. It puts the quiet and peaceful living a challenge. For the elderly, dependence is the inevitable fact, which is not always welcome. This is where nursing assistants, television, tablet computers or devices with larger displays for the social connectivity of elderly people alone cannot fulfil their essential needs.

During the old age, memory functions will decrease. Some of the memory of the recent will not be easily remembered by the elderly. Some people above 60 years of age start making small notes of things in pocketbooks. References will become difficult letter on and their repeat the same things. Ultimately their notebook will be filled with information which they will find difficult to retrieve.

Neuromuscular and body recouping powers will diminish. Antibody synthesis will also diminish. It ultimately results in lower resistance power to environmental stresses. Wrinkles of skin and grey hair and shrinking body will also reduce the youthful charm.

Things may sound funny but it is not the case to make fun-of. Similar to the way by which we bring up the tiny kids to learn and memorize, we must maintain patience and develop helping attitude to the elderly for doing their routine and helping them to settle the issues with our assistance.

Digital tools of the modern world
Digital tools of the modern world
Tablet phone and other communication devices
Tablet phone and other communication devices

Digital tools

A large number of computer and mobile phone friendly applications are helping to know the things and to take immediate notes easily and retrievable friendly manner for the elderly. Preparing, planning and reminding of the day-to-day requirements and deadlines based on these notes is also possible using these apps. Owing to the difficulties in learning to handle the gadgets and the apps. Fearing the information security piracy from these, gadget maintenance, cost of gadgets procurement and repairs, the depreciation value are the concerns which make the elderly reject the digital technology solutions.

Digital planner, ebooks, news magazines, financial magazines, health-related pages, entertainment channels, meditation and peace contents, information and communication technology tools including the social media applications, etc. are useful for the elderly.

The digital divide between the youth of the middle class and resource-poor old age people are increasing. Since the technology has changed from the computer-based applications to the touchscreen-based mobile applications, touch-sensitive screens are becoming user-friendly on one hand and becoming troublesome on the other.

A bigger screen tablet phone will help run various Android apps with productivity tools. These tablets will also execute the over the top communication media which keep the elderly engaged and exposed about the world. This will also empower them on social media and get connected to the family members on different parts of the globe.

Natural foods such as non-polished red rice, citrus fruits, a spoon of virgin coconut oil in empty stomach and a cup of natural cow's milk will slow down ageing and help to overcome old age-related disabilities.

Mechanical tools

Starting with a simple walking stick, the most complex auto driven vehicles there are plenty of options in the mechanical mobility functions.

Increasing life expectancy due to food regulation and occasional fasting are now accepted facts. Gadgets or devices which can decide on the amount of calorific intake required based on the blood sugar, body weight and the other physiological factors.

Medicine box

Elderly people have to take some health care medicines at different times of the day and on different days of the week. Having an organiser for the tablets and medicines in different coloured boxes and drawer sets will help them retrieve their medicines without other assistance.

Body balancing

Remote cooler weakness, as well as body balancing sensual actors, make the body balancing sometimes difficult. In such situations, the elderly will need a stick for walker facility. Nowadays, plenty of mobility solutions are available in the market.

Mobility assistance

Workers of different kinds are available which lightweight as well as highly supportive. Lightweight aluminium devices are always good.

A motorised wheelchair is now available with artificial intelligence to sense the depths and barricades. They are easy for operation and some of the others also coming with the standing facility.

Bathroom safety

Another area to carefully looked into easy bathrooms. Mushrooms get slimy and become prone to skidding. Equipping search bathrooms with supportive handles and skid-free floors are always secure and less risky.

Underreporting surveillance

Mostly the elderly people won't report the discomforts or difficulties due to health because of the thought that it is due to normal ageing. They may also feel that reporting may cause rejection. Some also feel that it would irritate their family members. Usually, if nothing happens, falling will not be reported by aged adults.


Proper lighting in the rooms is essential. Visual ability, hearing capacity and touch sensitivity, as well as organoleptic efficiencies are on the verge of decline.

Softer food and warmer liquids

Hard and complex foods junk foods and fast food with complex ingredients for all making the digestive process complicated and inconvenience for the elderly. Only digestion best but also the movement of the digested for becomes difficult. In such situation well-cooked soft foods always good. Food with nutrient items and optimum quantity of fibre are essential. Fruits help in supply and absorption of antioxidant and help in slower ageing. Especially the citrus fruits have plenty of vitamin C.

Soft cotton and linen fabrics are very good for the soft skin on the elderly. Do you want at the same time give softness and comfort? In cold regions woollen fabrics are good.

Financial management

Elderly are always concerned with financial thoughts. In such situations, contents, magazines and information on financial management are enjoyed by them.

They will also be interested in religion and politics. Giving them reading and visual materials related to the subjects will make them feel happy.

Organisers and passwords

Handling of debit and credit cards, keys of personal lockers, a place for keeping the personal belongings and dressing materials, etc.

Credit cards, debit cards as well as passwords and PINs, various ID codes, receiving calls, due dates, online payments, changing policies, are all making it highly confusing digital world for the elderly. Suitable apps for storing various key codes will be helpful to remember these things.

Fear and anxiety

Social insecurity and financial dependence make them always feel fear of the future. in such situations always some sort of security backups making them feel sustainable and secure which in turn casts-off the fear.

It is always secure if there is a companion for the elderly who is compatible physically and emotionally. Strangers and the robbers look for lacunae and make life riskier. To keep surveillance of such a situation, digital remote tools are helpful for the other members of the house. Web camera with remote applications in your mobile is useful.

Advantages of joint families

Children with advanced technology tools will become helping hands to grandparents. The joint family members from different age group including the elderly. There will be always a peer group or similar generation connectivity. There will be persons with immediately next generation and also there will be tiny kids. Those kids always feel connected with one generation above, that is, the elderly people and make them happy and active.

Happier evenings

Sundown syndrome, dementia, connected with ageing, confusion and anxiety all are making the elderly adults go away from the latest technologies. In such situations, the best option is a joint family. But however, we have to accept the present-day lifestyle and occupations because of which the joint family options are remote in urban families. In such situations instead of showing the old age home options, there are a lot of other options which are available in the technology-driven society for or making the elderly feel secure and supported at home.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Halemane Muralikrishna


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