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Anti- aging: Week 3

Updated on July 20, 2013

Age reversal week 3

NOTE: Before beginning this step, it is assumed that you have read the guide for anti-aging. If you have not, I recommend that you read it now by clicking here.

So, you've completed two full weeks of anti-aging and by now you should see an increase in energy, a lowering of stress levels, better mood, and possibly a better outlook on life. You may also notice some other signs of youth, such as increased libido and better quality of sleep. For those suffering joint pains, some of these pains may have diminished as well. Between the Melatonin and HGH, your pituitary gland should be wide awake and ready for action as if it were younger. What we must do now is encourage the pituitary to wake up the gonads by encouraging them to produce more sex hormones. This is achieved through the secretion of Luteinizing Hormone (LH). True, there are synthetic and exogenious sources of sex hormones, but these cannot be regulated effectively. Again, to get younger, we want the body to produce its own hormone as if it were younger.

Tribulus Terrestris is the best candidate for the job because it can be purchased over the counter, is inexpensive, and has been used safely for thousands of years. To date, it is not common in pharmacies unless it is mixed with other products such as tongkat ali, or ginko. Look for Tribulus Terrestris Extract which is made from 100% tribulus and no fillers. You may need to go to a weight lifter dietary outlet or order it from the internet. If you have difficulty in locating a suitable product, I produce a high solubility tribulus extract which I have used for my own purpose. If no other vendor can meet your needs, please e-mail

Take the suppliments as directed by the manufacturer, usually morning and bedtime. Most people will feel the effects in the first couple of days, but some may take a week or so. These effects are increased libido for both sexes, morning erections for men, an overall sense of well being, and an increased resistence to illness. Over the course of months you will see changes in muscle tone, lean body mass, bone density and so forth.

You are taking yet another step down the path toward the fountain of youth; drink deep, drink plenty. The beauty of this strategy is that it is not hormone replacement, it is YOUR body PRODUCING hormones as it did when you were young. We are not introducing hormones into your system, we are only encouraging them to be produced.

If you notice any adverse effects, stop taking the tribulus immediately.

At this point you are taking:
Melatonin at bedtime
HGH at bedtime
Tribulus Terrestris in the morning and at bedtime.

Please leave you initials, age, sex and weight in the comment box below, as well as your goals and any comments about how you feel at this point in the program.


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