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How to Reverse Aging

Updated on October 28, 2011

A Step by Step Guide to Growing Young

I am assuming that you have read my other articles on aging and the hormones required to reverse its effects. Though they are not required to follow this guide, they will assist you in understanding the positive changes that will occur in your body over the next few weeks. As with any project of this type, I encourage you to keep a daily journal where you write such information as weight, waist measurements, diet, or any physical or emotional changes.

Even though excercise is not a formal part of this anti-aging plan, it is recommended. I am not requesting that you run a marathon or bench press a car, but walking around the block a couple of times will help. As your energy level increases, you will find yourself not only walking around the block, but looking for reasons to walk longer distances. Walking is simply a matter of increasing blood flow throughout the body, especially the lower extremities and pelvic area.

The approach set forth in this plan is to work "top down" with the endocrine system, building up the hormones that most influence the secretions of other hormones first. This will naturally lead us to Melatonin. If growing young is something that appeals to you and you wish to begin doing so, please leave a comment below with your age, sex, and why you wish to grow young. Your feedback may help inspire others.

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After you have been on melatonin for a week, your pineal gland should be sending plenty of messages to the pituitary gland to produce HGH. We will add an HGH stimulator to your regimen in order to ensure its production.

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Now at the end of the second week, proper GH production should be established and your energy levels should show it. We now want to encourage the pituitary to begin sending LH to encourage production of androgens and estrogens. We do this with tribulus terrestris.

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Now you are at the end of the third week, its time to give your body pregnenolone. There should be enough melatonin, HGH, and LH in your system that it should be hungry for the raw materials to make sex hormones readily. This is when we feed the body Pregnenolone.

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After completing four weeks of un-aging, you will learn how to protect your body and increase your energy with DHEA. It will not only increase your immune function, it will also improve your hair and skin's appearance.

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Having completed all of the above steps, now you will want to know how to continue the regimen by off cycling in order to maintain its effectiveness.

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    • nemobird profile image

      Thomas Greenwell 6 years ago from Melbourne Florida

      Well Beth, I am thrilled with your progress and enthusiasm! This portion of the program is geared toward making your system work like that of a younger person. The next part will deal with looking younger as well. I will post it when I see that there is enough interest in this subject aka people recording their results in the comments. Thanks again for your support!

    • profile image

      Beth 6 years ago

      Ive been on this program for 3 weeks now.. I have lost 6 lbs. gained greater energy, a better all round sense of wellbeing, more stress management and less stressors,muscle toning as well as muscle growth with no added workouts needed. firmer breasts, increased libido, anyone who wants to start growing younger rather than older, I HIGHLY reccomend this program..Thankyou Dr. cant wait until the next phase..