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Going Beyond

Updated on October 3, 2011

Continuing the Regimen

NOTE: Before beginning this step, it is assumed that you have read the guide for anti-aging. If you have not, I recommend that you read it now by clicking here.

You now have established your regimen. You will notice that the staggered starting times of a week has meant that your supplies will run out at different times. This is to your advantage as you will not have make any large purchases, allowing this program to be followed on almost any budget! Follow your regimen for three months and then take a break for a month. This is called off cycling and it is intended to allow you system to produce hormones on its own without any outside encouragement.

The endocrine system is controlled by a series of regulation and down regulation mechanisms. By off cycling, we are discouraging our bodies to depend entirely on our outside influences. If we did not off cycle, the regimen would lose its effectiveness.

After a period of a month you can pick up the regimen again, right where you left off. Melatonin, HGH, PRegnenolone, Tribulus, and DHEA all at the same rate that you were using in week 5. You may continue the regimen as long as you wish, however, you must off cycle every three months.

I have provided this information to you free of charge in the hopes that I can better the quality of your life. I do, however, request that you provide some comments in the space below and let me know how you are doing from time to time.

Keep watching my blog, as I will be providing some information on how to look younger as well.

Live long, live young, live happy.

Please leave you initials, age, sex and weight in the comment box below, as well as your goals and any comments about how you feel at this point in the program.


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